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Layla is an award winning mattress brand that sells a copper infused mattress with “flippable” firmness. When you don’t know if you want a soft or firm mattress, Layla doesn’t make you choose, it gives you both. Their mattresses are made without harmful materials, has lifetime warranty, and you can try it for 120 nights for free. Ships in 2 to 3 days. Customers rate layla 5-starts. Easy and Hassle-free returns. 100% Made in USA. Use Layla coupon codes and shop for mattresses and pillows at Layla Sleep today.

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Layla Sleep Coupons and Deals

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Layla Sleep Review: Two Sides for One Perfect Sleep

The average person sleeps for 7 to 9 hours which is nearly a third of the day, which means sleep is important. And, by extension, so are our mattresses. The market currently sells a variety of mattresses but often make you choose the firmness when purchasing which is tough because you don’t know if it’s the right fit for you so how could you make a good decision? Layla makes the decision easy for you. With their 120 night trial you could sleep on the Layla mattress to test it out. But more importantly than that, Layla doesn’t make you choose your firmness up front, it gives you two options in one mattress meaning you get the best of both worlds. With one layer of 3” copper infused memory foam, 2” convoluted support foam, 4.5” base support foam, and another layer of 1” copper infused memory foam, you can choose to sleep on whichever side is more comfortable for you, soft or firm. Why does Layla use copper? Because it’s proven to be supportive of the body, cool by touch using conductivity, and clean as its antimicrobial. They don’t claim to cure all ails but you can refer to their many customer reviews and you can be the judge of that.

Layla also sells pillows, bed frames, toppers, and foundations to supplement the mattress. So order your Layla products today, enjoy their 120 night trial, free shipping and returns, lifetime warranty, and their goal to help you sleep better and use layla promo codes to save on your purchase.