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Sometimes computers just don't work the way we want them to. At, there are many specialty software solutions that are geared to fix your individual home and business computer woes. LapLink solutions include moving files and programs between PCs, remote access, file sharing, certified transfer cables, dual monitor, and much more. Some of LapLink products are PCmover, Laplink Gold, Laplink Everywhere, Laplink FileMover and more. Transfer information and settings from your old computer to a new one in a breeze using Laplink software packages. Laplink is a global leader in PC connectivity solutions, specializing in developing a wide variety of products useful for the transfer, migration, synchronization, sharing, and remote access of data. Offering simple, efficient, and fast methods of data management is the core feature of Laplink’s innovative products, available in versions for personal, enterprise, government, educational, and business use. Through more than 35years of experience, Laplink has continued to innovate and upgrade its products to keep up with the advancement in computer technology, as well as the needs of consumers. Purchase the best-selling migration software in the world in form of the PCmover available in various editions to suit different needs. This Laplink flagship product commands 95% of the migration software market in the United States, and is the only solution recommended by Microsoft for this purpose. You can also get internet-based, wireless, and peer-to-peer solutions to sync files between your Windows PC or Mac computer and your Android or iOS mobile device, as well as transfer cables designed for data transfer across PCs and devices. Laplink solutions are offered in several major languages with a free technical support available to assist on any issues regarding their use. Thanks to, you can get Laplink coupon codes to apply and get a discount when ordering connectivity solutions.

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Laplink Coupons and Deals

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Laplink Coupons

Laplink provides a variety of products for use in connectivity between PCs, as well as with Mac and mobile devices. In 1983, Laplink offered its first product, a simple and effective data transfer tool across computers which utilized a data cable. This software became so popular that the term Laplink became synonymous with the use of a cable to connect computers. On the back of this momentum, Laplink continued to evolve its product offering to suit the advancement in computer technology and users’ needs. You can now get world best-selling migration software for personal, business, and government uses from Laplink in addition to transfer cables at good Laplink deals.

Browse through the easy-to-use Laplink website, designed for easy navigation with drop down menus. You can easily view the products available for various uses and get detailed information on compatibility and features of each. Laplink also provides downloadable user guides and data sheets for each product on offer. The website has a help section and contact details to assist with any queries on the products available. After choosing a product, you can proceed to checkout and apply a Laplink coupon to save on the order.

Migrate to a new PC in the fastest and easiest way using the PCmover software from Laplink. PCmover Professional is the only software you can find that automatically moves your applications, files, settings, and user profiles from your old PC to a new one. You can also use it to move from an old operating system to a new one. As your applications are transferred, they are installed for you to find them ready-to-use on the new PC. Simply install PCmover Professional on the old and new PC, follow the easy-to-use wizard in selecting the type of transfer, and watch as it does all the work for you. You can also get Ultimate, Home, Express, and other more affordable versions of this incredible software from Laplink. Choose a version with the features you need and apply a Laplink discount code to save on the order.

Laplink goes beyond migration and offers other software packages to help control your data. You can permanently wipe data from a device using the Laplink SafeErase software for ultimate privacy protection or get advanced backup and recovery through the DiskImage. Also find other file transfer and remote data management tools from the Laplink catalog.

Laplink offers packages suited to the needs of various organizations in its catalog. You can get PCmover Enterprise that allows the IT in your organization to manage any migrations of installed data, applications, settings, and user accounts easily. This ideal solution minimizes end-user downtime, while ensuring high productivity. SMB organizations can get the PCmover Business, which reduces the time to deploy PCs and lowers the cost of PC refresh projects. Laplink also provides solutions for Government, healthcare, and educational migration needs. Get migration tools to maximize productivity in your business and also save money on them when you apply a Laplink coupon on the checkout page for a discount.

Laplink Return Policy

Laplink strives to ensure the best quality and performance of its products and is so confident of this that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you experience a problem with the software that the Laplink technical team has failed to assist with during this period, they will refund the product cost. All software, cables, and any guides provided with the products must be returned in good condition for a refund to be approved.

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