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A supplier of the finest Kona coffee, Koa coffee is invested in quality production and taste, and sharing the aloha of Hawaii with all of their customers. They ensure freshness through, harvesting, picking, and packaging, all done by hand. Their coffees have won numerous accolades, and awards. The Koa coffee company offers discounts through and for signing up onsite! Try yours today!

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Deemed as the best Kona coffee n America by Forbes, Koa coffee goes above and beyond for its coffee drinkers. As a small family business formed in 1997, Koa coffee has remained the same in purity but has advanced in all other aspects. Beans are still hand picked at the peak of ripeness, and people are still used during the roasting and packaging processes as well. The company’s improvement include using better quality control, better roasters and updated packaging so that every package you open is fresh, and true to taste. Additionally the company still samples every batch so that they can confidently attest to quality roast! The selections of Kona coffees include Ground Kona or whole bean kona coffee with medium or dark roast varieties. There are also six varieties of Kona coffee with one being decaf.

Koa coffee does offer a sampler pack of coffees as well, which could be great if you've never had Kona coffee before. If you know you love it already, Kona coffee offers a subscription service. The service offers most flavors on a selected schedule. The offers are 2, 4 or 8 weeks. A great benefit to subscribing is the discounted rate of each coffee that you receive. Additionally, price increases won't affect what you pay for the orders as you are locked into the rate that that you subscribed originally. To get more for what you pay, visit and see what’s in store on