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Avoid the hassle of buying and selling textbooks by renting them online from knetbooks – a massive online library that allows you to rent out books on various fields including medicine, education, business, and engineering. It’s an easy process and most of their books ship within 48 hours. In addition, if you need to sell textbooks, knetbooks is willing to pay you in cash for your old ones. College students save hundreds each semester. Multiple rental options is available. They also offer flexible due dates and text message updates.

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knetbooks Coupons and Deals

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Knetbooks Review: Cheapest Textbook Rentals Online

Knetbooks is committed to helping college students save money. Their website states that they have saved 318,114 Students $41,973,991--an unbelievable fact proving their reliability. Affordability is at the core of Knetbooks’ business model. A customer saves 65% to 85% on textbook rentals in addition to free shipping both ways on every order.

Knetbooks also provides a college-oriented blog on their website to keep their customers entertained, and even give them tips on surviving school. This aspect of the company conveys their dedication to helping students, whether it be by saving money or providing a blog with useful tips and tricks.

Knetbooks is additionally committed to customer service and giving their customers various options for textbook renting. Their flexibility fits the needs of every and any college student, which shows that they value convenience, especially due to the fickle lives of students. With the use of a coupon code for knetbooks, the discounts can get even more incredible!

Knetbooks is proud of its assets which is expressed through their Affiliate Program that customers can join to get even more benefits. This confirms their loyalty to recurring customers. The daunting act of retrieving textbooks has been made easy and affordable with all of the advantages Knetbooks has to offer.