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Keetsa is an online and brick-and-mortar mattress and sleep accessories retailer based out of the United States that offers six variations of mattress technologies to perfectly match your needs and how you sleep. They hold three store fronts in California and one in New York, while shipping to 48 states. is your destination for all things eco-friendly bedding. Keetsa sells mattresses, bed and pillow protectors, bed frames, comfort layers and more. They offer 12 years Mattress Warranty and free shipping. Don't miss out on Keetsa discounts and coupons at

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Keetsa Coupons and Deals

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Keetsa Coupons

Keetsa is an online and brick-and mortar mattress and sleep accessories store that also partnered with Blu Dot in order to bring their mattresses to more stores near you--in addition to their own four store fronts. Keetsa offers shipping to 48 states in the United States and most areas in Canada, but does not offer full international shipping yet.

Keetsa specializes in all kinds of sleep technologies and accessories, from mattresses for you and your four legged friend to specialized pillows and wool-stuffed comforters. Keetsa offers six variations of their specially designed mattress technology on their website and in store, including two variations of iCoil designs, two variations of Memory Foam mattresses, two variations of their Hybrid mattresses, and even a specialized dog mattress with an elevated frame for your little Fido. To complete your Keetsa sleep experience, the company also offers two different bed frames specialized for their mattresses to ensure you have the best support and stress-free sleep possible. In addition to their bed frames, Keetsa also offers several pillow types for your different needs, comfort layers to top your mattress, and mattress/pillow accessories including spill-proof mattress covers, comforters, and anti-mite pillow cases.

Through their partnership with Affirm, Keetsa is able to offer 0% APR at online and in store checkout, offers budget-friendly financing from as low as $42 per month, and a selection of payment options based on your needs and budget. If shopping at one of their locations or partner stores, you can take your mattress with you immediately, avoiding the wait of shipping, 0% APR for 12 months, and ask their friendly sleep guide any questions you may have. Enhance your Keetsa shopping experience and savings by using KEETSA discounts and promo codes at

Why Buying A Mattress Online Saves More

Why Buying A Mattress Online Saves More

Buying a mattress is more than simply choosing a size from the options Queen, King, Double, or Single. Even deciding between a firm and hard mattress, while very important, is not all there is to picking a good one.