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November 2018
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Luxurious Activewear That Gives Back

Activewear brand K-Deer was started by Kristine Deer, who worked in New York City as a fashion designer until she was laid off during the height of the recession. The yoga enthusiast channeled her search for the perfect pair of yoga pants into a luxury clothing company best known for its signature striped designs.

Unlike many brands, K-Deer hits all the points that we look for in an athletic brand. The designer has passion and focus; her team is dedicated to designing and producing right in the United States. And Kristine is open and honest about her experience as a designer, stating that she started off working out of her childhood bedroom, fine-tuning her yoga gear while practicing Bikram hot yoga nearly daily.

Kristine’s company thrived, buoyed by her passion for design and sport. Because the designer was able to test each of her styles out, she perfected her designs to rid each look of the usual problems that yoga enthusiasts encounter: rolling waistbands, camel toe, and itchy seams were some of the top complaints.

Today, Kristine Deer works with a small, dedicated team based in the garment district of New York City. The company is also dedicated to giving back to the community and has donated over $100,000 through the sale of its signature striped legging. Its charitable donations have been given to a variety of organizations -- from cancer-related nonprofits to St. Jude’s -- and give us another reason to justify the spend.

K-Deer’s signature stripe legging are unique and unforgettable, and for many of us, we will recognize the striped design from our own exercise classes. They are popular, and there are many reasons why customers choose K-Deer.