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A lot of active people enjoy having sound along the journey, whether they’re running, hiking, or doing any other activity. Headphones are the best tool for providing this sound but in a lot of cases, the wires get in the way, tangle up, and make the activity quite unbearable. The team at Jaybird realized that, from their own experiences as runners and athletes, and set out to design wireless headphones that you’ll barely even notice are there. In addition to getting rid of troublesome wires, Jaybird made sure the headphones would be strong enough to endure the rough trails, long treks, sweat, water, and unforgiving heat. That way, you’ll be assured of having your sound companion along with you for as long as you need it. Since adjusting volume is the bare minimum you can expect to be able to control with any listening device, Jaybird went a step ahead to provide an app you can use to customize EQ levels for any activity and enjoy an immersive sound experience just the way you like it. The headphones are also available in different designs, with unique features like small size and powerful sound from the Vista or the good battery life from the Tarah Pro, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Plus, you can get accessories to go with your headphones directly from the website and purchase everything in one go. Whichever model you choose to purchase, don’t let price influence your choice. We can help you get a discount on your order with Jaybird coupon codes so you can afford the kind of sound you want.

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Jaybird Coupons and Deals

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Jaybird Coupons

Jaybird was created by a group of runners, riders, adventurers, and athletes who are passionate about staying active. The idea behind the brand was to provide active people with the perfect listening gear that wouldn’t get in the way and hold them back. Thus, the perfect wireless sport headphones were created. By eliminating wires that conventional headphones have, Jaybird created headphones that you can even forget you’re wearing and released these athlete-driven wireless buds in 2006. Since then, they’ve continued to improve their product, making them more durable and resistant so they can survive everyday use and high-intensity training. Jaybird also designed an app with lots of customization features so every user can control sound the way they want to. Get Jaybird coupons from and power your passion with sound at a discount.

The wireless headphones Jaybird offers come in many different designs, all listed under the Shop section. That includes Vista, Tarah Pro, X4, and Tarah. Each design has a defining feature, meaning you can choose the one that best suits the kind of sound experience you need. The Vista headphones are quite small but produce quite a loud sound. The Tara Pro has good battery life, perfect for runners and athletes who like to go the distance and need sound to accompany them. For a custom fit and custom audio, the X4 headphones are the most versatile option, perfect for all-day wear and waterproof too. Finally, the Tarah gives you premium sound at a good bargain, so you can enjoy wireless, audio freedom at a Jaybird discount.

If you’re not sure which of the headphones you should get, you can click on Compare Headphones under Shop and you’ll be able to slide through each type and see how each compare for battery life, durability, and waterproof features. Once you decide on one you think is best, you can click on Shop directly under the product details on the Compare page and go straight to the checkout page. You can also use Jaybird discount codes from when you order so that price won’t be a limitation to your choice.

The Shop page also has a section for accessories where you’ll find accessories for each headphone listed separately. This range includes charge cases, earbuds, accessory packs, charge cradles with cable, charge clips, and comply sleeves for the Vista, Tarah Pro and all the other Jaybird headphones. There’s also a branded Jaybird running hat that’s light, breathable, and highly packable. Save on your headphones and accessories with Jaybird coupon codes from and enjoy better sound for less.

If you’re having trouble with any of the Jaybird headphones, you can click on the Support page and go to the Support section for the model of headphones you ordered. For example, if you have a pair of Vista headphones, you can click on Vista Support to get help on everything related to those.

Jaybird Shipping Policy

Jaybird offers free shipping on all orders, giving you extra savings on your purchase.

Jaybird Return Policy

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on every order from Jaybird. If you decide to return your purchase during that time, you’ll get a refund of the purchase price. In addition, each Jaybird product has a 1-year warranty, which stipulates that the branded products won’t have manufacturing defects or fail on account of perspiration for a year from the time you buy them.

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