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Automate your life and keep your home pristine without lifting a finger. iRobot home cleaning solutions include robots that keep your carpet, floors, workshop, pools, and gutters clean. These smart robots can be scheduled to clean up regularly or whenever things start to get messy. They have smart sensors that let them figure out the layouts of rooms and avoid hazards. With your iRobot automatic cleaners everyone will wonder how you always keep your home so clean. iRobot puts a whole new spin on giving you a helping hand. The family of robots all serve the purpose of keeping your house clean while you enjoy the finer things of life. There are four main types of robots available, and most of these have different models with different features. There’s the Roomba for vacuuming, the Braava for moping, Terra for mowing, and Root for educating. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, you can get help choosing or compare the available products to pick one. You can control the robots, what they do, and when they do it using your smartphone through the complimentary mobile apps so you never have to worry about a robot uprising. Thanks to custom vinyl skins from SkinIt, you can customize your Roomba robot with whichever design you like from the website. The number on the price tag is usually one of the things that limits your choice. Thanks to iRobot deals in partnership with Affirm, you can bring your robot family home and pay for your order later. With every robot order, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty, which covers you in certain cases when things go wrong. And when it comes to savings, has that covered with iRobot coupons and promo codes you can use to get a discount.

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iRobot Coupons and Deals

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iRobot Coupons

In 1990, Rodney Brooks, Colin Angle, and Helen Greiner founded iRobot. The American corporation designs and builds consumer robots such as vacuum cleaners and floor moppers you can use to clean your home easier. Millions of homes around the world have iRobot products working hard to help people get more done and have a cleaner home. You too can get a robot in your home that works hard so you don’t have to. The best part is that you can have this nifty helper at a low cost by using iRobot coupons from for a discount.

The iRobot family consists of four member robots. The first and most popular is the Roomba, a robot vacuum available in a number of different models specified as series. Each series has a special defining feature, from emptying itself out to having the perfect tools for cleaning up after your pets. Whichever Roomba you choose to bring to your home, you can save on your order by redeeming iRobot discount codes from

Got a floor to mop and clean? That’s a job for Braava, another member of the iRobot family. These robot mops have specialized dry sweeping and wet mopping pads, the perfect tools for keeping your floors looking fresh and clean. You can select any of the robot mops that matches your needs and the money you have. Thanks to iRobot deals, your budget doesn’t have to limit your choices.

Besides your house, iRobot helps you keep the outdoors clean too with the Terra Robot Mower. This mower learns and maps your yard to mow it right and avoid obstacles. You can also customize your mowing using your phone with the iRobot HOME app which lets you specify grass height and a mowing schedule.

While all these other robots do work around your home, you get more free time to spend with your family. Why not get the Root coding robot and have fun learning and playing with your kids? The Root Coding app has plenty of lessons, projects, and activities to help your kids learn in a fun way, plus you can add advanced content with an affordable subscription. Make sure you check if you can use an iRobot coupon code to get a discount on this subscription so you can enjoy premium content for less. You can shop for all these products and accessories directly on the website under the designated sections. If you need help with the ordering process or anything else, click on Support. That section navigates to different sections including Find Answers, Register Robots, Returns and Warranties, and Contact Customer Care if you need to talk to a non-robot about a robot issue.

While you shop, be on the look out for bundle deals that combine two or more robots to give you an extra level of clean. These bundle offers are usually available at an iRobot discount, so that’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. With every robot you buy, you get a 1-Year limited warranty, plus you can apply for financing options through affirm and pay for your order over time.

iRobot has a charity robot donation program through which the company supports schools and encourages its employees to volunteer. Besides the iRobot website, you can get this happy robot family from other authorized retailers and resellers such as, Amazon,, Abt Electronics, and Ace Hardware. You can get a full list of these retailers and resellers from the Where To Buy page on the website.

iRobot Shipping Policy

Different shipping methods are available, depending on the the products you order and where they’re being shipped to. The costs, restrictions, and delivery time for each shipping methods are specified on the checkout page when you’re placing your order. Usually the shipping costs vary according to the weight of the total order. If your order has multiple items, you can get a volume-shipping iRobot discount so the more you buy, the less you’ll pay for shipping.

iRobot Return Policy

iRobot only allows online store returns within 60 days from the date of shipment. All products being returned should be in good condition and sent back in original boxes with all accessories included. First, you have to call the customer care line to get return instructions then send in your return. Return shipping charges must be prepaid and iRobot recommends using UPS or Insured Parcel Post.

iRobot Saving Tips

Anyone can join the mailing list to get the latest iRobot discounts and other special offers. iRobot also offers a special discount for military members. With this iRobot discount, members of the military can save up to 15% on select robots plus free shipping. If you qualify for this offer, you can verify your Troop ID on the website through Verify with The discount will automatically be added to your order after that.

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