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Take care of your feminine intimate health needs with Intimina for quality products made to last and made to help you feel good. Find menstrual care items, pelvic floor strengthening exercisers and more. Intimina products can be bought on their website as well as in stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart, leaving you plenty of options for promotion codes.

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INTIMINA Coupons and Deals

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INTIMINA Review: The Menstrual Cup Reinvented

When it comes to taking care of your intimate health needs, you may think doing nothing is the easiest option - Intimina is the simple choice you need! Their products are designed with thoughtful consideration along with research, safety regulations and high standards to increase both longevity and overall wellness.

Intimina has collections for menstrual care and pelvic floor strengthening. The period selection includes reusable menstrual cups in varying sizes and a spa tablet for soothing baths. To work out your pelvic floor muscles, check out their KegelSmart device and their Laselle Weighted Exerciser Set. The Swedish brand also offers items to keep your general needs balanced at any time of the month, such as a feminine moisturizer that’s made with water and enriched with aloe vera and a cleaner to rid your intimate objects of contaminants such as lint and bacteria.

Their products are Ziggy Cup, Lily Cup One, KegelSmart, Laselle Exercisers Set, Feminine Moisturizer and more.

Just as intimate health care shouldn’t be confusing, it also shouldn’t be expensive: use promo codes to get money off! Sales and deals are often available and when you sign up for the Intimina newsletter, you get a coupon code for money off your first purchase. If you’re shopping somewhere such as CVS, Target, Walmart or Walgreens, check for offers there, too.