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Are you a juice enthusiast, or just a healthy eater all around? If you’re either (or both), you need to check out Hurom. The company -- which has been up and running since 1974 -- has some of the most sophisticated equipment on the market at competitive prices. And if you sign up to the newsletter, you get some excellent juice recipes, too.

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HUROM Coupons and Deals

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A Global Leader In Lifestyle (And Juice)

Hurom is a premium stop for health enthusiasts, smart shoppers, and deluxe gift-buyers, and they’ve been going strong for years. The company supports giving “the gift of health” to friends and family, and we wholeheartedly agree -- this is the way to help your family reach its personal best, health-wise.

If you’re already a juicer and are looking for recipes, Hurom also happens to be the place to go. The health-oriented e-tailer features curated juice recipes from experts in slow juicing and divides recipes into sections like “rejuvenate,” “low calorie,” and “detox.” These natural recipes are enough to make you want to buy a Hurom juicer, even if you already have one!

But why Hurom? As the company states, “we are obsessed with juice.” While we can’t say for sure, we suspect they’re telling the truth: their juicers have been developed over the course of 40 years of scientific study and trial-and-error. In fact, Hurom juicers do something called the “slow squeeze,” which doesn’t shred fruits and vegetables like other juices do. This slow process helps protect the taste (and nutrients!) even further. Head to the page that looks at the juice structure under a microscope to understand exactly why the company has worked so hard to retain the natural structure of its juice.

And as precise as this equipment may be, it can actually be a deal. Hurom has sales, special promotions, and coupon codes, which, when paired with their 10-year warranty, means that you’ll be enjoying tasty, healthy, and high-quality juice for years.