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Hughes operates the largest consumer satellite internet network with a proven track record of serving more Americans, in more places, over a longer period of time. With more than 2.5 million systems in more than 100 countries, they have a proven track record of performance. From checking email and surfing the web to multitasking and watching videos, Hughes has three services plans that are just right for what you want to do. Surf the web faster and more efficiently with HughesNet’s satellite internet connection. HughesNet is a name you can trust to provide a fast and stable internet connection as they have been providing it to homes and offices across America for over 40 years. An investment of over $1 billion in satellite communications advancement has enabled HughesNet to serve more locations over a longer period of time than any other satellite internet provider in America. The HughesNet Gen5, the fifth generation of satellite internet, gives you speeds of up to 25Mbps on every plan to enable you to work, learn, and play faster on the internet. Multiple service plans with different data packages between 10GB and 50GB are available for you to choose what suits your needs and your budget. Do you live in a rural area with no cable infrastructure? No worries as HughesNet can provide a satellite Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the contiguous United States. HughesNet provides built-in Wi-Fi with a satellite modem as well as an advanced Wi-Fi modem with each data plan. Enjoy 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks which offer unbelievable speeds with outstanding coverage on the HughesNet Wi-Fi on dual-band 802.11ac. Get HughesNet for your business and enhance your efficiency with faster speeds and more data. Simply enter your business’ location on HughesNet to get quotes for data plans suited to you. Check out the various HughesNet coupons has to offer to assist you in getting internet for your home or business at a low cost.

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HughesNet Coupons and Deals

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HughesNet Coupons

HughesNet is has been providing internet service to Americans for over 40 years. You’re guaranteed uninterrupted high-speed internet on your computer or mobile device from HughesNet’s advanced satellite infrastructure. HughesNet is a tried and tested service provider with their consumer satellite network being the largest in North America. If you’re interested in the services they provide, you can get a quote for setting up the equipment for your internet service as well as the affordable HughesNet data plans on offer. HughesNet gives you the option of leasing the equipment for setting up your network for a monthly fee or you can spend a few extra dollars on an outright purchase. Remember to use HughesNet promo codes so you can save when you make a purchase.

By choosing HughesNet as your internet service provider, you can enjoy the faster Gen5 system available with each plan on offer. The HughesNet Gen5 gives you speeds of up to 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload which your whole family can enjoy for streaming videos, learning online, or social media. No need to worry about getting a good wireless internet router with the HughesNet Gen5 plans. Each plan comes with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect all your wireless devices. The HughesNet Gen5 integrated modem combines a satellite modem as well as an advanced Wi-Fi router for clutter less convenience.

With the HughesNet Bonus Zone, you can enjoy many online activities without using your data. This special feature gives you an extra 50GB of data each month to use during off-peak hours from 2am to 8am for anything from downloading movies, catching up on the latest series, or keeping all your devices up-to-date with system updates. HughesNet Gen5 allows you to exhaust your data plan and still get internet services! If you exhaust your data, you can still access the internet at reduced speeds until your next billing cycle.

No need to worry about exhausting your data before time as HughesNet Gen5 has data saving features set. This means it compresses and optimizes the content you access with the integrated Smart Technologies to reduce your data usage without compromising on speeds. You’ll be able to watch more videos while consuming less data with the HughesNet Gen5 video data-saver. Enjoy faster internet that lasts longer and allows you to watch more and download more for a reduced price with a HughesNet discount code from

Four service plans on offer allow you to choose what suits your unique needs perfectly and these are the 10GB, 20GB, 30GB and 50GB data per month plans. All the HughesNet plans come with the Gen5 technology allowing you to enjoy fast internet. A single user or couple who require fast internet for moderate use can select the 10GB data plan. You can select the 20GB plan if you need basic internet services for a bigger family. To enjoy connection of multiple devices in your house all watching videos, music and more activities online, the 30GB plan is ideal. The 50GB plan allows you to enjoy all the activities you want online from videos to streaming, for a household with multiple devices. Check out the HughesNet pricing for the plan you need according to your location for all urban and rural areas in the contiguous United States and start your fast internet journey. Make sure you use HughesNet coupons to get a discount off great internet service.

HughesNet Return Policy

HughesNet provides fast internet with speeds certain to satisfy your needs. The minimum subscription for HughesNet is 24 months, however you can cancel the service earlier. If you cancel the service within 24 months, you will incur an early termination fee as well as any unreturned equipment fee. If you cancel before the installation, you will be refunded with the full amount charged when you made the order.

If you opted to lease equipment for setting up your HughesNet internet service, you can cancel the lease. You must return the HughesNet modem, power supply, and radio in good condition within 45 days from the date you cancel the lease. Failure to do so will result in a charge of a $300 Unreturned Equipment Fee ($100 for the modem and power supply and $200 for the radio transmitter). Instructions for making returns are available on the site.

HughesNet Saving Tips

Occasionally, HughesNet deals like Free Standard Installation for new lease subscribers will be on offer on the website. Make sure you check the site regularly for HughesNet promotions and special offers like these.