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Greatcall has teamed up with Jitterbug to create user-friendly cell phones that will not only make calls, but is equipped with 5Star Urgent Response service and puts you in contact with emergency services in case you find yourself in uncertain situations. Jitterbug phones are easy-to-use and their backlit buttons with large numbers allow for effortless phone navigation and is equipped with a powerful speaker. Visit and sign up for your contract-free Jitterbug phone today. Make the GreatCall to get your aging loved ones an easy-to-use mobile device from GreatCall. As the leader in connected health solutions for the aging members of society, GreatCall develops innovative mobile products to provide access to health and safety services, enabling them to live independent lives while staying safe. With 42 million Americans caring for an aging family member today, GreatCall seeks to offer them support with a massive resource center of invaluable information. Leave your elderly loved ones in the capable hands of GreatCall’s award-winning health and safety services that ensures their well-being wherever they are. In the event of an emergency, your loved ones can have access to an IAED certified 5-star agent to rapidly respond, assess their situation, and get the help they need. GreatCall customers enjoy 24/7 access to registered nurses, as well as board-certified doctors while also staying connected to their family and friends. The devices also come with engaging, fun, and challenging games to keep the mind sharp. Join the largest, most reliable wireless network in the United States, which doesn’t bind you to long-term contracts and has a 100% U.S-based customer service. GreatCall has simple, large screen smartphones for those who want to stay connected to the internet and simple flip phones with large buttons and a powerful speaker for loud and clear conversations. You can also get convenient wearable devices and medical alert devices at discounted prices with a GreatCall promo code from

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Lively Coupons and Deals

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GreatCall is a leading connected health and safety provider offering solutions for the elderly. These include original, easy-to-use mobile devices with features tailored to suit older adults’ needs. The devices come connected to an award-winning customer care team that ensures that the elderly can live an independent, active life with access to medical care at the touch of a button. This revolutionary company was founded in 2005 with a mission of assisting aging adults with accessible technology. With the country’s largest and most reliable wireless network, GreatCall is able to ensure 24/7 access to nurses and doctors for any medical emergency the user may have. Purchase your devices from the online store using a GreatCall coupon and also get them activated for the services easily online.

You can buy a mobile device for your aging family member to have access to 5-star urgent response from an IAED certified agent at the touch of a button to assess any situation they may have and get them the kind of assistance they require. In the event of a medical emergency, the device user can speak to a registered nurse and a board-certified doctor who provides medical advice and issues a prescription 24/7, even without an appointment. The caregiver for the aging adult can receive updates on their well-being sent from their device via the GreatCall link. Each device also comes with fun games to train the user’s brain and keep them sharp. will help you make the great call of getting accessible medical care without straining your budget with a GreatCall coupon.

Explore the various devices GreatCall has to offer with detailed specifications on the website. There’s the Jitterbug Smart 2, a smartphone with a simple list-based menu, voice typing, camera, and a long lasting battery for seniors who want internet access. For those seeking a simple device, the big-button Jitterbug Flip phone with an easy to operate menu, voice dial and a powerful speaker for clear conversations is ideal. GreatCall also offers the Mobile Plus, a medical alert system with fast call response time, great coverage and enhanced GPS location services as well as the Lively Wearable urgent response device. This device allows you to connect to the Lively app on your smartphone and seek help faster. You can also buy the chargers, screen protector, headsets, and cases for these devices at a reduced price by using a GreatCall discount code at checkout.

For extra savings on innovative tech, check the GreatCall Offers page. You’ll find GreatCall discounts and get massive savings on the products on offer. GreatCall regularly updates this page with discounts, free accessory offers with certain devices, and other online shopping benefits for you to save. You can also find some special offers in stores around the U.S. Use the store loactor on the website to find the nearest store so you can shop for any of their amazing devices.

GreatCall Shipping Policy

All online orders to the contiguous U.S. receive Free Ground Shipping services.

GreatCall Return Policy

GreatCall offers customers who are not satisfied with their phone or device an opportunity to return it in 30 days from the purchase date. Upon returning a purchase, you’ll get a refund of the activation fee and service charge, minus a restocking fee. The returned device must be in like-new condition, in the original box, with all components and materials. Shipping charges are non-refundable and the activation fee will not be refunded if the user has exceeded the Phone Usage Limitation. Contact the GreatCall customer service department to get a return authorization number for your return before you send it in.

GreatCall Saving Tips

Save on phones and devices from a retailer that cares about senior health through GreatCall promotions and special offers under the Special Offers page.