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Bring your favorite games, TV shows, and comics to life with Gambody—the premium online marketplace for quality 3D print deigns. From Marvel villains like Thanos you love to hate, to heroes like Gandalf that have walked the fictional earth for thousands of years and remain in the hearts of just as many fans; Gambody has such a wide range of 3D designs. The 3D files on the website are in .stl format so you can be guaranteed good quality when you print them out. Plus, they are compatible with many types of 3D printers so you won’t struggle to get your prints off the screen and into your hands. And if you don’t know any good 3D printers, Gambody recommends some on their website on the checkout page. If you’re new to the site, you can take advantage of their New Customer Rewards and get Gambody discounts to save more when you buy more designs. Besides providing many, quality 3D designs for digital download upon purchase; Gambody gives you the opportunity to sell your own 3D designs on their site. You can design whatever you like and upload your files on the site for free. When your files are purchased, you can get anything from 50% to 80% of the total profit, depending on the exclusivity of your designs. You can even vote to have models added that aren’t already available on the site. Save on your favorite characters from video games, TV shows, comic books and more with Gambody coupons and discount codes from

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Gambody Coupons and Deals

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Gambody Coupons

Gambody is an online marketplace created in 2013 with the purpose to unite the two popular niches of gaming and 3D printing. This premium marketplace gives you easy access to high quality 3D printing files of characters and objects from the video games, comics, movies, and TV-series you love and treasure. Their 3D printing files are error free and compatible with various types of 3D printers. You can get premium 3D printings at a bargain with Gambody coupons from

You can sell or buy video game and comic book models files in .stl format on the Gambody marketplace. Whether you’re fan of Avatar or you want 3D models of Drogon and Viserion to remember Game of Thrones by, you can find those and so many more at Gambody deals that are so good you’ll keep going back for more. The games, TV shows, and comics they cover are listed in categories under the Menu tab. From Lord of the Rings to Anime, DC Comics, Cartoons and more; you can explore the wide variety and geek out over your favorite heroes and villains. You can also find what you’re looking for faster by using the search function instead.

If you’re buying, you can find details of the item you’re interested in when you move your mouse over the image. The details provided include the size of the files, the optimized print size, and the star ratings from others who’ve purchased the same item. Once you’ve seen these, you can add the item to a wishlist to view later by clicking the heart icon or you can add it to your cart for purchase. On the checkout page, you’ll be required to enter your email address and a payment method. If you have a Gambody coupon code, you can enter it on the checkout page to get a discount. Once you purchase your 3D models as a digital download, they’ll be available for immediate download so you can print them on your 3D printer. If you don’t have a 3D printer, Gambody recommends using the printing services of their partners 3dHubs and

Making money from 3D printings on Gambody is easy. The first thing you need to do is create a good 3D design. A little research into the kind of designs more people would be interested in will help you create something that’s more likely to sell. You can get inspiration from the wide range of models available on Gambody. Once you have your design, you’ll need to create a Gambody account in order to be able to upload it on the site. Files to be uploaded should be in .stl format, with all necessary documentation. From there, you can set a price for the 3D design. A quick study of the market will help you set a realistic price so yours won’t be so high it drives customers away, or so low that you don’t make the kind of profit your designs deserve. Thanks to Gambody’s payment system and rates, you’ll get from 50% to 80% of the total profit when your designs sell. The rate is determined by the number of previous sales and the exclusiveness of the file. If you sell your files on other sites besides Gambody, you’re classified as a non-exclusive seller and your payment rate will be 35% for every purchase.

Gambody Saving Tips

Through Gambody’s referral program you can refer friends to the Gambody site and if they make a purchase from you or anyone else on Gambody, you’ll get 30% from their first payment. There are also some awesome new customer rewards in the form of Gambody discounts. As a new customer, when you add the 2nd item to your cart, you’ll get 50% off that item and when you add a 3rd item, you’ll get 100% off so the 3rd item will be free.