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Searching for answers to life’s deeper questions? Look no further. Gaia is a media network with all the answers you’re looking for and even the ones to questions you haven’t asked yet. Powered by a community of hundreds of thousands of members, Gaia provides multitudes of streaming titles addressing topics like Yoga, Transformation and so much more through articles and inspirational films. Whether you’re seeking truths, looking to expand your consciousness and everything in between; Gaia’s got your back. To cater for a wider audience, Gaia supports a number of different languages including English, Spanish, German, and French in original, dubbed, or subtitled format. You can join their massive member community in 185 countries simply by purchasing a Gaia subscription. For the low cost of a monthly or annual subscription, you can get access to content that will change the way you perceive the world. Their unique blend of yoga, meditation, personal transformation, and alternative healing content is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. Thanks to Gaia deals and special offers, you’re guaranteed a good bargain on quality, life-changing content. For your convenience, Gaia is accessible on any device with the iOS, Chromecast, Android, Apple, or Roku operating system. You can watch your content anywhere, anytime so it easily fits into your daily life, no matter your schedule. With the special Live Access subscription plan, you can also get a pass to all of Gaia’s exclusive live events and experience this revolutionary content even from the comfort of your home. Save on your subscription purchase with Gaia discount codes from

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Gaia Coupons and Deals

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Gaia Coupons

Gaia was founded by Jirka Rysavy in 1988 and has since evolved into a global digital forum with content on pseudoscience, psychedelics, and yoga. Boasting an online community of hundreds of thousands of subscribers in over 185 countries, Gaia provides more than 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles addressing modern paradigms on topics such as fringe theories, conspiracy theories, and alternative medicine. For many, it has become a go-to site for information on spiritual and metaphysical matters. You can explore their many topics in video and written form by becoming a member of the Gaia community. With Gaia coupons and discount codes from, you can save on a subscription of your choice and expand your consciousness without draining your pocket.

You have to sign up to be a member in order to get access to Gaia resources on yoga, meditation, series, docs and films, a wide range of topics, events, and articles. All good things come with a price and that’s no different with Gaia. There are three subscription plans, all varying by price and specific features. The monthly plan is perfect for anyone still starting out on Gaia and doesn’t tie you down to a super long-term commitment in case you’re not happy. This plan costs $11.99 and is billed each month. A free, 1-week trial is available and with this plan, you can watch Gaia content anywhere and on any device. Use Gaia coupon codes at checkout to get a discount and save, and if you’re not happy you can cancel your subscription anytime.

If you’re not afraid of commitment and saving is a priority above everything else, you can opt for the annual plan. The annual plan comes at a Gaia discount of 31% off the monthly plan price, or more specifically $8.25 per month billed as $99 once, annually. With this great Gaia deal, you get a free 1-week trial, access to Gaia content anywhere and on any device, exclusive access to alternative health magazine and the Morning Ritual Calendar; plus you can try Gaia Live Access for free for a limited time. Last, but certainly not least (especially when it comes to price and benefits), is the Live Access plan. Gaia Live Access costs $24.92 per month and is billed as $299 once annually. Some of the benefits of this plan include, exclusive access to online immersive workshops, the live chat feature with real time questions and answers, replays of archived events you can watch when you want, and simultaneous Spanish translation. All this comes on top of all the benefits available from the Gaia Annual plan. It’s a slightly more costly Gaia deal that seems worth every dollar.

With every subscription, you’ll get real value for your money in form of an ad-free experience, letting you enjoy your explorations without interruptions. You can cancel and restart your subscription anytime without any hassle. If you want to spread the word about the goodness of Gaia content, you can easily share your favorite content with friends for free. They’ll have 24 hours to watch it and if they like what they see, they can join immediately after.

The Gaia website is accessible through the mobile and web browser, or for more convenience, you can use Gaia apps available for iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Through the apps, you can stream videos on mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, chakras and lots more content curated to inspire you. You’ll have plenty of content to choose from, all available from accredited individuals so quality is a guarantee. Find out more about what Gaia has to offer from their social media pages.

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