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FreedomPop is a mobile hotspot service that allows anyone to get free wireless internet access after they buy one FreedomPop mobile hotspot for only $10. It offers free wireless internet and phone service. FreedomPop was founded in 2011 with the sole mission of making the internet and mobile services a right not a privilege. And FreedomPop has made good on this groundbreaking concept. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have made the switch to FreedomPop as their new Phone and Internet service carrier. There are no credit checks and no contracts ever. You can upgrade your plan to a cheap internet or phone plan or you can downgrade to the free plan whenever you want. Some of FreedomPop features are; Wifi calling and texting from anywhere. Free unlimited calling and texting between FreedomPop phones and free international calling. No contracts and No termination fees. 90-Day Warranty. With our FreedomPop coupons, you can get even better deals than what FreedomPop already offers. While it’s free at the minimum, you can upgrade your plan and still get a discount with our promo code.

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FreedomPop Coupons and Deals

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FreedomPop Coupons

For only $10, Freedompop will send you a mobile hotspot that you can use anytime you want and not be charged a penny more to use it limitlessly. A Supernova 4G LTE hotspot that can handle 2GB worth of data can be yours for only $10. You can take the hotspot anywhere you go and use it in 60 different countries. It’s perfect for travelers that don’t use a lot of data when browsing the internet. Again, the wifi that comes with this hotspot is completely free after the original purchase. There is no monthly payment that you have to make if 2GB of data is all you need. However, if you need more than that you can switch to a different plan that will actually require you to pay but it will still most likely be less than what you’d pay using any other service. Freedompop also sells other products that get refurbished. If you’re interested in buying products like smartphones, hotspots, and tablets from Freedompop you can get 20 percent off on anything you order from their website using one of our Freedompop promo codes and coupons. Don’t miss out on a ton of savings. You can get free internet and discounted technology from Freedompop. All you need to do is make the original payment of $10, and you’re free to get unlimited internet access.