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Why not have a treasure hunt when you light a candle — with the added excitement of having it possibly contain a $100,000 ring? With Fragrant Jewels, you get the best of both worlds when you take advantage of high-quality candles with lovely rings inside. Top-notch scents, great gift packages, and highly rated jewelry make this site a must-visit.

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Fragrant Jewels Coupons and Deals

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A Treasure Hunt With Fragrant Jewels

At Fragrant Jewels, the main feature is the candles, and there’s a reason: hidden inside each one, there is a little code that you can use to redeem for a prize. Scents are fabulous, and the colors are unique… and that’s not all.

Fragrant Jewels has a ton of selection as well -- in other words, it’s not just candles. In addition to the wide variety available online of both safe bets and exotic scents, there are bath bombs, unique gift sets, and interesting collections that include Hello Kitty, Spring, Spa, and Barbie themes. With glitter to spare and super-vibrant colors, this company adds a lot of “wow” to what used to be way more staid.

There’s a rewards program that’s been designed to add even more fun to your experience, and you can earn points not just for purchases, but for what the company calls “Vault Code redemptions.”

So how does that work? You light your candle, and when it burns down, you’ll start to see a little glimmer of gold inside. Blow out the candle, grab a pair of tweezers, and pull out a foil-wrapped surprise. The ring won’t say how much it is worth off right on it, but after you unwrap it, you will see a “Vault Code” that you can redeem online and have a chance to win a ring that starts at $500 (and that can even be worth $10,000).

Fragrant Jewels is also made in the United States, which means that you can feel even more confident about your purchase. Use a promo code from and save.