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Fresh spices are the key to taking your cooking — and baking — to the next level. But did you know that many spices are years old before they reach your kitchen counter? It’s time to impress friends and family with a selection of fresh spices, no new techniques necessary. These have been designed by someone in-the-know, and the price is just right. Visit Flavor God today.

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Flavor God Coupons and Deals

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Fresh, Creative Seasonings For Every Cook

Are you an enthusiastic cook, a novice chef, or just a present shopper looking for a surprise? If you are, then Flavor God is the place to shop. The handcrafted, hand-designed spice collection is innovative, affordable, and by far one of the most exciting available in terms of creativity and freshness.

Did you know that most spices you buy are already quite stale? Add the time that it takes to use them, and you have a scary situation playing out in your kitchen cupboard. Instead, get spices that taste fantastic, that you’ll actually use, and that are as fresh as can be.

And just who is the “Flavor God”? It’s Chris Wallace, who’s admittedly flavor-obsessed and driven to “provide people with unique and delicious seasonings that help them create amazing meals everyday in kitchens all around the world.” He started experimenting with seasoning in 2012, and he specifically sought spices that are chemical- and filler free, with low salt levels and “recognizable” herbs and spices that average how cooks can use, too. After he started selling them a local farmer’s markets, he realized that the potential for his company was huge. Things took off from there, and he didn’t look back.

The spices are more affordable the more you purchase. There are bulk deals that sweeten the deal with free shipping, bulk orders, and free gifts applied at checkout. You can get paleo, GMO, and MSG-free seasonings, too.

There’s also international shipping available, which means that you can enjoy the Flavor God’s creations no matter where you live. Now it’s time to get literally cooking after using codes from