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Sports just got a whole lot better with FanDuel—a fantasy sports website which allows you to play for money with other fans of the game. FanDuel has changed the game in fantasy sports with a range of tournaments you can enter to compete with other fans on your knowledge of the game and win real money. Simply choose from a number of contests and play for real cash or for fun on the FanDuel platform. This separates FanDuel from the traditional fantasy as you can win every weekend rather than at the end of a season. All the major sports leagues from the football NFL, the basketball NBA and WNBA, the baseball MLB, the hockey NHL, the soccer EPL and UCL, and the golf PGA tour are on offer for you to choose from and enjoy. You can now enjoy fantasy NASCAR on FanDuel to win cash prizes for your favorite drivers’ performance. FanDuel fantasy football eliminates the need for coordinating draft time and removes the risk of season-killing injuries and draft busts. Place your money on tournaments with guaranteed price pools, multipliers where you can double your money or play for more, head to heads with a single opponent, competitions against a number of players and many other competitions on offer to win big on FanDuel. FanDuel fantasy earns you points for more than just the scores but the overall performance of your players in the game to enhance the technical aspect of the fantasy experience. Enjoy a selection of tonnes of contests and game styles to choose from in every sport on offer. Visit to get a FanDuel discount code and enjoy savings that are anything but fantasy when you deposit on FanDuel.

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FanDuel Coupons and Deals

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Fanduel Coupon Codes

In 2009, a backyard brainstorm in Texas among 5 co-founders led to the creation of FanDuel. The FanDuel team sought to change the game in fantasy sports to make it better and more lucrative. This led to a more simplified fantasy experience with a more amplified winning capability. FanDuel allows you to go head to head with other fans to test your knowledge of the sport and prove yourself while having fun. The game also sees winners every week with a range of competitions and cash prizes, rather than the traditional season-long winning. You can use a FanDuel discount code when paying for cash competitions and save on some real, fantasy fun.

Build your teams in every sport by selecting players based on their salaries and ensuring you stay under the stated salary caps. FanDuel provides training guides for all the sports on offer for you to grasp the basics as a beginner on how to play fantasy sport on FanDuel. The training guides also provide refreshers for those who have been away off-season and roster construction and advanced strategies. Each sport also has a rules page for you to see a breakdown of every sport’s scoring and points system. Opta provides FanDuel’s game statistics for the various sports on offer to ensure accurate stats.

You can enjoy playing fantasy football throughout the NFL season with FanDuel. Worried about injuries, bye weeks or drafts busts? Select your team for every weekend to ensure you always have your best pick under the salary cap. Your players’ performances on the pitch win you fantasy points which can go towards earning you cash prizes. You can also opt for the Friends mode to play with friends for weekly and season-long cash prizes. Check out the beginner only contests to test yourself against other FanDuel rookies for a start. FanDuel NFL mini allows you to pick 5 man teams and challenge others for cash. FanDuel fantasy NFL now offers 2nd half and 4th quarter contests for more rewards to you. Earn discounts with a FanDuel promo code when playing fantasy NFL for cash.

On FanDuel, you can play fantasy basketball with the NBA and WNBA. The new fantasy basketball roster format eliminates last-minute injuries or late scratches as you can pick 9 players and drop your lowest score. No need to worry about scores with FanDuel as the official fantasy basketball daily scoring provider of the NBA. Choose from a variety of contests for cash or fun to enjoy the FanDuel experience. You can go head on against other NHL fans from across the country in the lucrative fantasy NHL from FanDuel from as little as a quarter ($0.25). You can opt to join fans nationwide or play in a private fantasy you can create with your friends and win. Experience the excitement of the draft to choose players according to your knowledge of the game and within the salary cap given. Join fantasy NHL with a FanDuel discount code and win even more in savings.

FanDuel fantasy soccer is the ultimate experience. Test your knowledge and luck with the English Premier League (EPL) and the UEFA Champions League (UCL) games on offer on FanDuel. Choose a contest, select 8 players, wait for the games to start and let the fantasy fun begin. Your players earn points for the most recognized stats like goals, assists, and clean sheets as well as understated stats like passes, interceptions, tackles, shots on goal and more. For adrenaline junkies who love cars, FanDuel offers the experience of fantasy NASCAR. Simply create or join a fantasy NASCAR league and choose drivers with detailed track rankings. FanDuel also provides the latest news and driver selection advice to help you make informed choices. Enjoy all the big plays, the sleeper sensations and the thrill of tense finishes on the race track. The FanDuel NASCAR scoring system rewards drivers for in-race performances. Check out the Fantasy NASCAR training guide on FanDuel to learn the basics of the game.

Love the classy game of golf? Fantasy golf lives on FanDuel. Experience the simplest and more fun than ever fantasy golf on FanDuel. FanDuel has combined all the thrills, spills and plays of fantasy football with the finesse and precision of the gentlemen’s sport. You simply select 6 golfers for the week’s tournament and see how they perform on the greens. If your pick fails to make the cut, it means no more points for the rest of the tournament for him so make your picks wisely under the salary cap. Check out the standard scoring system for FanDuel fantasy golf to see what gets you the most wins. Play weekend golf for Saturday and Sunday rounds only of all your favorite competitions.

Follow FanDuel on social media for updates on great new features on your favorite fantasy games and also get some more insight on how the game works through easy video guides.

FanDuel Saving Tips

Sign up to FanDuel and deposit $20 to receive another $20 as a bonus. The bonus comes divided into $5 every week for four weeks. The first $5 appears in your account immediately after making the $20 deposit and you can only use the bonus amounts for play as they are not available for withdrawal. The bonus amounts expire 14 days after issue for each $5 so you have to get in on the fun before then. Refer a friend to FanDuel to get $10. Your friend will also receive $10 in their account upon creating. These amounts can be used to play and are not available for withdrawal. Also check out the FanDuel Point (FDP) free play contests where FanDuel offers you an opportunity to play for free and win.