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The screen goes black, but your eyes still hold the last image you saw. Even as the credits roll, stark white against the black background, you still feel the thrill and rush of that last scene. You’re rooted to your seat while everyone else starts walking out of the theater, still holding on to the hope that there’ll be more after those white words that taunt you, rolling slowly by until the screen blacks out completely. Then you realize, it really is the end. No need to despair (or suffer through all those credits written in a font that no one could possibly read anyway). Fandango is an awesome space where you can share your passion for movies with other theater laggers like you, and discover your next favorite motion picture. Fandango offers must-see trailers, movie clips, exclusive and original content, insider news, and expert commentary on movies making waves. Fandango makes it easy to find and buy the right movie, at the right time with showtimes and ticketing to over 26,000 screens nationwide. Still hung up on the ending of Avengers Infinity War? Fandango has several videos and articles available, including cast interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, movie reviews, and commentaries to give you a bit of closure. Once you’re done with all that, you can book tickets to the next Avengers movie and watch the trailer in the meantime to tide you over to release day. There are even photos and posters of upcoming movies that you can check out, print-out, and stick to your wall to swoon over. You can even sign up for Fandango Fanalerts so you’ll be notified when tickets and other exclusives related to your selected movie are available in your area. With Fandango promo codes, you can get a discount on movie tickets and experience your next great movie-adventure for less.

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Fandango Coupons and Deals

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Fandango Coupons and Savings Tips

Fandango was founded in 2000 for movie lovers to get easy access to what they love, at prices they’ll love even more than a movie with hilarious blooper scenes at the end. Apart from selling movie tickets through their website and mobile app, Fandango keeps fans updated on new releases and promotional content for past, present, and future movies. To satisfy the movie buff in you, get a Fandango coupon from to get discounts that’ll save you money so you can watch more!

Movie Buffs will probably already know all the movies showing now, opening within the week, and scheduled to release at a later time within the next 5 years. In case you missed out on some when you scoured the internet for all the movie-related info you could find, Fandango lists movies fitting all the above categories. It’s the best resource to keep you up to date on everything happening in the film world so you’ll never miss out on anything. Fandango also shows movie times and tickets for locations such as New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. You can find movie times and tickets by entering your city, state, zip code, or the movie you want to watch and fandango will show you the movie showtimes and available tickets. If you love everything about a movie, including cast interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, commentaries, trailer analytics, and more; you’ll never want to miss anything from the Movie News Section. This section also has movie reviews, indie movie guides, and available weekend tickets for select movies. If you see a movie that you want to watch listed on the site you can buy tickets (if they are available), or sign up for email alerts to get an update as soon as the tickets for that movie are available for purchase. When you purchase your tickets make sure to use a Fandango promotion code to get a discount on your movie tickets so you can save money for popcorn to munch on during those OMG movie moments.

As you make your purchase, you’ll have to select a time from the available showtimes, specify the number of tickets, including whether the tickets are for children, adults, or seniors. You’ll be asked to pick your seats from a seating chart showing the seats that are available, unavailable, selected, and wheelchair accessible; as well as the positions of those seats relative to the screen. Once you’ve selected all those required features you can make your payment with a credit or debit card, or pay using PayPal. If you have a Fandango promo code or gift card you can select the option to use it to make your payment.

No gift can ever compare to a Fandango Gift Card. It’s the gift that can take you on an intergalactic adventure with superheroes and villains, or a chilling ride into a thriller that will leave you looking over your shoulder every time you’re home alone. You can select a design that matches an occasion such as a birthday, or pick a movie gift card with a snippet of a movie poster on it. You can go the extra mile by creating your own design or purchasing a dinner and movie gift card combo. Fandango gift cards can be purchased at retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Walgreens. You can purchase an eGift Card or a plastic card to be sent by mail. You won’t be charged any extra fees when you purchase a Fandango gift card at retail stores or an eGift Card. When you order plastic gift cards from the website, you’ll be charged a standard handling fee based on the number of cards in your order. The handling fees cover the custom printing of each plastic card ordered and the personalized Fandango greeting card it ships in. Depending on the level of shipping service you select, you may be charged a shipping fee as well. When redeeming a Fandango gift card for movie tickets, a small per-ticket convenience fee will be applied to the order regardless of whether you are using a credit card, PayPal, gift card, or other payment method to pay for the tickets.

Join the Fandango VIP Program for Fandango deals that will have you practically living in a theater. The program is free to join and only takes a few seconds. As a member, you’ll earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Once you have 500 points, you’ll score a $5 reward towards more movies. The VIP status gives you access to discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, advanced screenings, and Fandango discounts. You’ll also collect bonus rewards with purchases from Fandango’s partners which include Regal Crown Club, AMC, Cinemark Connections, and Stubs; as long as you link accounts. In case you need to cancel a movie date, you’ll be able to get a refund or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime.

The Fandango mobile app for iOS and Android devices is a movie lover’s dream come true. You’ll get instant notifications of the latest movie showtimes, browse movies, showtimes, and theaters, as well as movie reviews. The app makes it easy to manage your VIP account and buy movie tickets so you can have Fandango deals with you wherever you go. You can watch exclusive interviews with all your favorite movie stars right from your phone, and save movie photos to make an awesome wallpaper for your phone. If you’re out and about with nothing to do, you can use the Go Now feature of the app to find movies playing near you that can save your day. There are plenty of exclusive Fandango deals in the app, and you’ll also be able to link your Disney Movie rewards account directly to your Fandango VIP account and earn points for seeing Disney movies when you buy Disney movie tickets with Fandango.

Fandango makes it quick and easy to find showtimes and buy tickets. Check out their various movie guides for some insider knowledge on upcoming indie films, summer blockbusters, and children’s movies so you can choose your next movie with some knowledge. Shop special offers to get cool gifts with ticket purchases, and give the gift of entertainment with Fandango’s gift cards. And, when you use a Fandango discount code online, you can get tickets for great low prices. For all things movie, check out today.

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Fandango Saving Tips

-Sign up for email alerts on Fandango deals and ticket sales. -Join the Fandango VIP Program to get exclusive Fandango offers and deals.