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EZContacts is an online eyewear retailer that has fully stocked inventory and offers a rapid turnaround for its customers. Selling eyeglasses, contacts, sunglasses, reading glasses, and with qualified technician and opticians they are able to customize and produce your order quickly. is able to offer deals for the site so that the hottest brands are able to be a part of your newest look!

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Look savings right in the eye with EZ Contacts

A trip to the eye doctor doesn't have to be stressful for what to come afterwards! If you're an eyeglass wear or instead choose to wear contact lenses, then you're in luck. Perhaps you have no prescription but love the look of glasses or want to change up your look with colored contacts. Even if you are simply seeking some sunglasses, prescription or nonprescription, EZcontacts has what you are searching for. Ez contacts stocks glasses for men women and children. You can browse through the selection by style and frame shape, frame type, by color, or even by the brand name! You can also add in specific measurements for arm length, bridge width,and lens width to find frames that would fit exactly into those parameters.

With over 10k results including brand names such as Rayban amd Burberry, there are many choices to sift through. Sunglasses can also be made to specifications and if a prescription is needed then fames that are prescription compatible must be chosen. Contact Lens wearers are able to find their particular brand by searching by type or by manufacturer. All contact require a prescription even those that are simply for aesthetic purposes.

The site does offer coupon codes listed on the homepage of there are any as well as same day shipping if you order before 3pm. Aside from their own personal discount code, can add additional savings to your wallet. There is also a rewards program where you can earn EZ points based on how much you shop and spend. To handle all of your eyewear needs, give EzContacts a try,