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EMP Shield offers the best defence against power surges and Electro Magnetic Pulse threats. Through the use of advanced technology and military grade equipment, EMP Shield offers EMP and solar EMP protection for electronic devices in your home, car, boat, plane, and anywhere else. The shields are designed to protect every device in whatever space they’re installed and can take multiple HEMP strikes without failing. In addition, EMP Shield products can take more than 40 EMP strikes without any degradation and have the best warranty in the business; a lifetime warranty. You’re guaranteed maximum efficiency with these products that go through stringent tests to ensure they work as well as they should. In the event that they fail to protect your electronic devices, you’re covered by the warranty and insurance provided with each EMP Shield product. You can learn more about the products and how to install and use them through helpful and easy-to-follow installation guides. These are available as videos and step-by-step instructions on the website. To make the products more accessible, EMP Shield offers these essential devices at an affordable price. You can also get them at a discount by using EMP Shield coupons and promo codes available on our site to take a few dollars off the price tag.

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EMP Shield Coupons and Deals

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EMP Shield Coupons

EMP Shield was created with the goal to protect America from Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and power surge threats, which could cause critical damage to the country’s electrical infrastructure. The company developed the world’s first EMP defense technology, with the ability to protect valuable electronics in less than 1 billionth of a second. Every product from EMP Shield is tried and tested and surpasses military EMP Protection device standards. You can protect the electronic devices in your home, office, or anywhere else using this advanced technology and save at the same time by redeeming EMP Shield promo codes and coupons from our site when you order.

All the products EMP Shield offers are listed under the Shop drop-down menu. This includes home protection, vehicle protection, solar and wind protection, plus various models such as the generator model, RV plug-in model, and the European model. EMP Shield also makes it easier for you to find what you need. For example, if you want to order home protection, you simply have to click on the relevant category, where you’ll be asked to select an image that matches the breaker box you have at home. That way, you’ll find the right protection system for your home without any hassle. ensures that you get the best savings too through EMP Shield coupon codes you can use for a discount when you purchase your protection system.

Warranty and insurance backing details, along with the testing standards that the protection systems have been subjected to are provided on the product details page. EMP Shield products have a 10-year limited lifetime warranty, backed by a $25,000 insurance policy and a $50 lifetime replacement. This is one of the best warranty offers in the industry, plus the insurance coverage guarantees that if the protection system you ordered doesn’t work, EMP Shield will cover the damage.

The website has video installation guides to walk you through installing your protection system in your vehicle and home. Besides the video, you can also download installation guides provided as schematics with full instructions for installation of the different systems. If you have any questions about EMP Shield products, how they work, where they were tested or anything else, you can get the information from the FAQs section.

EMP Shield Shipping Policy

Free shipping is offered for all orders being delivered within the continental United States.

EMP Shield Return Policy

There’s a 14-day, no questions asked return policy during which you can return your order without any additional fees. If this return window has lapsed, you’ll have to pay a $50 restocking fee. For returns sent in after 30 days, a fee of $100 is charged.

EMP Shield Saving Tips

You can redeem EMP Shield coupons on the checkout page to get a discount on your orders.