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Eight strives to personalize and improve your sleep experience using innovative technology, beautiful design, and proven science. Its most popular product, the smart mattress, can track your sleep, heat up, and even brew your coffee! One thing everyone needs is good sleep and Eight Sleep is one company that’s dedicated to ensuring everyone can get it. Using the latest technology and combining unique features, Eight Sleep has innovative beds that are comfortable and guaranteed to promote good sleep, no matter your preferences. Among the many amazing features the Eight Sleep Pods offer are heating and cooling functions, including a Dual Zone feature to have two different temperatures on either side of the bed, as well as GentleRise technology that gives you the best kind of wake-up experience through gentle vibrations and gradual temperature changes. As technology evolves, Eight Sleep continues to enhance the sleep experiences they offer by upgrading their product, as evidenced by the Pod Pro. This advanced Pod has extra features like Room Climate and Weather Response, Heart Rate Variability monitoring and Daily Health Check report. If you combine your Pod with the Eight Sleep mobile app, you’ll easily be able to monitor your sleep fitness and get tips on how to improve it and work on your routine as well. Thanks to the financing options available, you can pay for your pod in instalments and add some accessories to your purchase for the ultimate sleep experience. We also have Eight Sleep coupons and promo codes you can use to get a discount when you order from the store.

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Eight Sleep Coupons and Deals

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Eight Sleep Coupons

Eight Sleep is the world’s first sleep fitness company, pioneering products that give you a personalized sleep experience. As the world becomes more health conscious, sleep fitness has become a priority for many, hence the need for companies like Eight Sleep. Through the use of technology, Eight Sleep created the Pod, a mattress that’s like no other. Despite the many, advanced features this bed has, the company found a way to keep it affordable through Eight Sleep deals and financing options.

The Pod is known as the number 1 cooling and heating mattress. Among its many features and properties it has automated heating and cooling functionality, plus HRV monitoring to keep track of your heart rate, respiration, and health reports. You can also track how much time you slept, and how much REM and deep sleep you got. To give you the most natural wake up experience, the pod also utilizes GentleRise technology. If you share your bed with someone, you can take advantage of the Dual Zone feature, which allows you to have custom temperature on either side so both of you will have exactly what you need for a comfortable sleep experience.

Eight Sleep financing options help you easily afford the Pod. You don’t need to put any money down and you can pay for your purchase over 36 months in monthly instalments of $73 per month. Eight Sleep financing options also come with 0% APR financing. To prequalify, you need to complete a short application through the website. The application won’t affect your credit score and if you’re approved, your online purchase will go smoothly. If you don’t qualify for the financing options, you can get a discount on your order by using Eight Sleep promo codes and coupons from instead.

Once you buy the Pod, downloading the mobile app will help you fully experience every feature on offer. The app has all the tools necessary to help you monitor vital metrics and meet your sleep goals. You can use it to learn important meditation and breathing routines, find the best temperature settings through a sleep quiz, and control personalized temperature settings for each side of the bed. You’ll also get a daily sleep fitness score, letting you know the state of your sleep hygiene and how you can improve it. You can also learn more about sleep fitness through The Rest—the Eight Sleep blog. The blog features various articles covering topics like the optimal sleeping temperature and best sleeping positions for lower back pain.

Eight Sleep Shipping Policy

Eight Sleep uses FedEx Ground shipping to deliver mattresses within the continental U.S.

Eight Sleep Return Policy

You can return any Pod or Pod Pro within 100 days from the delivery date, free of any return shipping charges. Returned beds are not re-used or refurbished for hygiene reasons, so they’re donated or disposed of. To initiate a return, you have to send an email to and provide your order number and return request. Most Eight Sleep accessories have a 30-day return policy, including The Pod Foundation, The Pod Pro Cover, and Air Lite Comforter.

Eight Sleep Saving Tips

You can get an Eight Sleep discount worth $500 off your Pod purchase and a further 20% off accessories, simply by entering your email on the website. The offer is valid for new shoppers and is a great welcome deal you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Members of the military, first responders, medical personnel, and students have a special Eight Sleep discount available for them under the Exclusive Discounts section. To redeem the offer, qualifying individuals have to verify their status through VerifyPass and receive their Eight Sleep discount code.