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If you want better more supportive sleep, at a price that is easy on the budget, visit Ecosa. With innovative new technology and coupons from, Ecosa has a Premium mattress that is worth it! Different components allow the bed to fit many sleeping styles as well as regulate temperature. With an Ecosa mattress, who can go wrong?

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ecosa Review: Even Better Sleep At An Amazing Price

Ecosa is an Australian born company, with a mission to improve sleep. Making its US debut in 2017 with high satisfaction rate and over 30 million views, Ecosa is really making a splash. The company follows the new bed in a box trend but offers a bed in a box with a PREMIUM mattress, a mattress for people on the go. Customer wise, they offer a 15 year warranty and a 100 night free trial so that the bed can really showcase the features of its unique design. The bed is a memory foam with adjustable properties with a bedbug proof cover. The mattress has quite a few components which are the G7 gel memory foam, which helps with temperature regulation; support foam, which help with supporting pressure points; and eco-tex memory foam which has open cells for more breathability but is still very supportive. The waterproofing comes from the inner cover so that there is no chance of damaging the mattress. All of the layers feature pin core holes to help air flow freely as well. Unlike some other beds this bed in a box can rest on any surface, whether it is flat on the ground, a box spring, or an adjustable bed frame. There are many options for the ecosa mattress, so it can fit many existing frames as well. Costs are also kept low as this mattress is not marked up, making it a steal for customers. When adding additional coupons or deals, Ecosa is making a good night's sleep possible for all pockets! ecosa offers free shipping and free returns.What ecosa offers is waterproof, adjustable firmness and back support.