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Reservations-only and all-inclusive? That’s Discovery Cove for you. It’s an exclusive, intimate, and resort-like park that is much unlike any other park in the world. Looking at it now, it makes sense that SeaWorld would be behind this place… because it’s an experience in itself, and a special one at that.

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DISCOVERY COVE Coupons and Deals

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An All-Inclusive Paradise At Discovery Cove

SeaWorld has changed its branding and its approach, and the world is loving it. The park, which made a name for itself through its impeccable training of sea mammals and interactive shows, is ever-evolving to meet the needs of its international audience.

Discovery Cove is a perfect example. This SeaWorld-owned facility has a lot going for it simply with its name recognition, but it has a unique approach to the resort-like elements that make it even more fantastic than one would expect. As a reservations-only location, Discovery Cove is a more intimate destination for families looking for a special experience.

No matter what you decide to do at Discovery Cove, you will find a spot to relax and experience nature to its fullest. Activities are plentiful, but they are the at-your-own-pace kind that can make for the perfect vacation. For starters, there’s a large resort pool and a tropical river, and then there is even more!

For a truly special experience, wade alongside sea otters in the exclusive “Freshwater Oasis” and then hand-feed birds in the free-flight aviary. And then (of course!), there’s the signature 30-minute dolphin interaction that can be added to a day resort package.

There are amenities, too, including freshly prepared breakfast and lunch, unlimited snacks and drinks, free equipment rental, and a souvenir snorkel as well.

For the best deals, check out for lots of money-saving opportunities on your tickets. Be sure to ask Discovery Cove about additional deals available to people who live in the State of Florida — and save even more by booking off-season instead of during the highest travel times. That way, you can save even more.