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New home buyers, those who want to save money, and those who like sustainable practices may find that direct energy is the solution to their problems. can help you save funds and for a better use of gas, electricity, or green options, Direct Energy can help you find a more efficient way.

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Direct Energy Coupons and Deals

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Direct Energy Coupons

Direct energy is an energy provider that has a goal to help consumers be more efficient, reduce energy use, and save money.With coupons through, these prices are further reduced and energy becomes even more efficient. As one of the largest energy retailers in North America it offers service in 13 states and services 5 million customers. Direct energy has 13 of its own brands is and is owned by Centrica, which is operated out of London. Additionally, Direct Energy works in conjunction with products that it or its parent company has designed to produce energy efficiency. Hive, is a collection of smart home products that put the control back in homeowners hands. No matter where people are they can access their houses and control functions within their homes using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The products have reasonable price point and allow even the least technologically savvy person the chance to participate in innovation.

Direct Energy Solar is part of Direct Energy and it installs solar panels and helps people to effectively use solar energy. With the acquisition of Panoramic Power, solutions for big businesses and enterprises were also acquired. Wireless and self powered sensor technology and cloud based analytics allows businesses to function optimally by reducing costs, increasing sustainability measures and other operations.. There are also power and gas plans for small businesses as well as large businesses. The online education center provided is a great resource so people can learn about energy as it pertains to their lifestyle.