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Darn Tough Vermont is a quality wool sock retailer that designs socks to last throughout many heavy duty activities. The company sources cruelty free Merino wool and houses production in Vermont, to ensure that the product is truly a quality good. With a coupon, you can get high value while spending less!

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DARN TOUGH VERMONT Coupons and Deals

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World-Class socks with world class prices at Darn Tough Vermont

Darn Tough Vermont is a sock retailer that produces quality socks that can withstand many major weather related conditions and activities. Darn tough uses only wool to make socks, with wool sourced from Merino sheep. The source of sheep comes from within the US and abroad as well. What makes Darn Tough Vermont different is that the Merino wool they utilize is only sourced from suppliers that do not practice mulesing. Mulesing is a cruel and painful practice used on sheep to help eliminate undesirable consequences of elimination being stuck in the wool and the consequences that result, which can include death. However, this practice can cause death as well. Aside from being an ethical company, Darn Tough also has high values. Darn Tough Vermont believes in the importance of producing quality socks, and does not outsource their production outside of the United States, or even their home state, for this reason. The socks are produced in Vermont where they also undergo rigorous testing through various climate conditions and through various activities.

The company as a team of testers who are active in sports or activities such as running, adventure, hiking, snowboarding, skiing and other activities. The site carries socks for men, women, and juniors. The biggest collection of socks belongs to the men, followed by women and then juniors. The categories are divided into activities, or by collections. There will also be featured categories that may not be listed on the other two tabs. Another section of socks is the tactical section, which are not specified to cater to anyone but are made for tactical activity. With deals, these socks are more than affordable and with all of the perks and features of these socks, they can last for years to come!