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Curvegirl doesn’t have rules. Curvegirl wants to set you free from arbitrary height and size expectations made by society because numbers don’t define you and your beauty. Curve girl sells an amazing selections of dresses, tops, bottoms, and swimwear for any occasion. Whether you are looking for the perfect outfit for a night out, power outfit for the office, or casual lounge fit for home, Curvegirl’s got the outfit for you. Expect to find not only great styles but great customer service as well, with attention and care. For figure flattering prices, use to help lower your shopping cart so you can celebrate your body how you see fit! Get discount codes and coupons from and buy custom designed dresses for plus size fashion. Free customization for a perfect fit is available. There is also free shipping on orders above $50.

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CURVEGIRL Review: Celebrating body types at Curvegirl

Curvegirl is all about real bodies and celebrating everyone's differences. They are on top of plus size fashion and on trend with their clothing designs so that they are able to offer curvy women apparel that fits different size bodies.

A modern women should no longer be confined by the societal expectations and that’s what Curvegirl is focused on promoting through their beautiful clothing line. They know that each woman’s body is different and that each and every curve should be appreciated. Curvegirl wants the clothes you buy to make you feel beautiful and fit just right. That’s why they offer a custom tailored service for you to choose between purchasing from standard American sizes or an option for you to ensure your measurements and they will tailor whatever you bought to fit you perfectly. One of the biggest headaches about buying online is that you don’t see the product before you buy it, but with Curvegirl you don’t have to worry about whether the clothes will fit. You can be sure that the clothing item was tailored to fit your body exactly right.

Curvegirl sells party, casual, and formal wear for a wide selection of dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, cover ups, and swimwear. Curvegirl sells beautiful high end, trendy clothing at great prices. So if you are every worried about your #ootd for your next event, party, date night, office day, vacation, or anything, trust in Curvegirl. And if you really are unsure about what you want to wear, you can send the deets of your event to to get a free wardrobe consultation.

For the most flattering fit, the site features a measurement app that helps to ensure that the outfit will fit with precision. Curvegirl is all about body positivity and inclusion of all women, and encourages women to stand out, feel empowered, and be healthy. It not adhere to the strict rules of the current fashion industry. Curvegirl knows that high fashion should be accessible to all and they are able to use their expertise to help solve any problems that curvy girls may encounter. They also offer wardrobe advice through email consultation and are able to hone in on particular problems on and help those who may really need it. In the future Curve girl aims to expand its plus size clothing line to include to maternity clothing as well as adaptive clothing for those with physical disabilities. Currently, on curvegirl you can find traditional options of dresses, bottoms, tops, swimwear, and more, as well as styles for all occasions through daywear to formal as well as night wear. Additionally their sale page helps to increase selection through low pricing while retaining value and style. is another great resource that helps to add value to your wallet through various discount codes and coupons for the site. If you love your body, shop curve girl! So make some plans, buy an outfit off Curvegirl, save using promo code coupons, and be ready to turn heads wherever you go!