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Geeks and nerds all around the world will love CuriosityStream, a premium streaming service filled with thousands of educational shows and documentaries that both enlighten and entertain. Whether you’re curious about space and all its dimensions or even the ancient, timeless wonder that is dinosaurs; CuriosityStream has all the information you need to quench that thirsty mind. With a monthly or annual subscription plan purchased from the CuriosityStream website, you will have access to content on any of the available topics which you can watch from your television, laptop, phone, or tablet. CuriosityStream even offers a view online feature for phones and tablets so you won’t miss out on enjoying your favorite subjects when you don’t have an internet connection. With each plan and your preferred device, you’ll be all set for some High Definition goodness through thousands of shows. Even the kids can join in on the geekiness through your account and you can regulate the content they see using the password-controlled Kids Mode which you can switch on and off anytime. CuriosityStream brings you only the best content from noteworthy individuals like theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking whose legacy lives on through the strides he made in the field of Physics. Thanks to CuriosityStream discounts and sales, getting entertaining information on your favorite subjects doesn’t have to be expensive. Promocodes.com also helps you save with CuriosityStream coupons and discount codes available for you to use when you purchase a subscription plan.

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CuriosityStream Coupons and Deals

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CuriosityStream Coupons

CuriosityStream comes from the founder of the Discovery Channel—John Hendricks—and it is an award-winning source of thousands of documentary features and series. From experts like Stephen Hawking and Derek Muller, CuriosityStream holds information that gives you a better understanding and a new perspective of science, technology, history, and nature. New films and series are added each week so you’ll always be entertained and inspired, and your curiosity will always be satisfied. Enjoy CuriosityStream on your television, laptop, or mobile device with any of the available subscriptions. You can get a good bargain on your subscription with CuriosityStream coupons from Promocodes.com.

When it comes to edutainment, getting a good source of content that educates, entertains, and inspires is very important. CuriosityStream is committed to curating that kind of content and availing it to you at the most affordable prices so you can focus on learning and not financial issues. To get started on sating your curiosity with some premium geekumentaries on space, art, volcanoes, history, and everything else; you can sign up for a plan on the website. CuriosityStream offers a monthly and yearly plan so you can choose the one that suits you best. The monthly plan goes for the low price of $2.99 per month while the yearly plan is usually valued at $19.99 per year. Thanks to holiday sales offering CuriosityStream discounts, you can get the yearly plan for just $11.99 per year instead.

All CuriosityStream subscription plans include high definition (HD) quality content, unlimited streaming of thousands of shows, offline viewing access on your phone and tablet, worldwide access, and you can stream their content from your laptop, phone, TV, or tablet. Get access to award winning content, exclusive to CuriosityStream and save on your subscription with CuriosityStream discount codes from Promocodes.com. Once you’ve purchased a plan, all you need to do is sign in and enjoy.

In case you want to share the awesome CuriosityStream edutainment with your kids, you can activate Kids Mode to exclude films that might not be suitable for the young ones. It’s a convenient feature that you can switch on and off as you please and it will exclude any content that’s inappropriate for kids from all your CuriosityStream channels, apps, and devices through your account that connects them all. Your password is required to enable and disable Kids Mode. The Kids Mode filters visually explicit violence, factual content with disturbing imagery, and visually explicit sexual content.

You can spoil a fellow geek with a CuriosityStream gift card for a subscription. The gift options available include Annual Standard with 12 months of HD streaming and Annual Premium with 12 months of 4K streaming which is perfect for those with 4K TVs and devices. Limited time holiday CuriosityStream coupon codes are available to give you a 40% discount off your gift subscription so you can save. The gift will be sent within an hour to the recipient’s email address which you will provide when you purchase it. You can also include a message to make the gift more personal. If you’re placing your gift order in advance, you can select the date when you want the gift to be delivered so that it arrives at the perfect time.

If you’re looking for a way to show your employees that you appreciate the work they do, you can give them the gift of curiosity with CuriosityStream corporate subscriptions. You can add CuriosityStream as an employee benefit by providing your details and specifying the number of employees you want to include. With this corporate subscription, you’ll enrich the minds of the people who help your business grow with content that fuels their productivity and opens the way for informative dialogue and discussions in the office.

CuriosityStream Saving Tips

Check for holiday sales and CuriosityStream coupon codes available from time to time on the site so you won’t miss out on some great savings.