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Used by over 10 million plus students and educators, Course Hero is a leader in connecting those in academics. Powered by the knowledge that contributors provide, the platform contains course specific learning material and aims to become the largest online learning site that provides free resources to those who need it. Use Promocodes to save money on your education!

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Course Hero Coupons and Deals

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Get educated easily and affordably with Course Hero

Referred to as a way to democratize education, this site is one that aims to help those in schools and universities find success. With ten million plus people using the site, there is a wealth of information available. There are study guides, practice exams, and student notes, for various schools and courses, nationally and internationally, available for viewing and use! All of the material is crowdsourced and uploading your own material can qualify you for free access! The site also has tutors who can answer question, explain concepts, or review materials. They are available at all times to help address the needs of the learning community. In addition, the site features great incentives! For sharing knowledge and uploading to the site, you receive a number of free unlocks. Unlocks allow you to view content without a paid membership. You can receive more unlocks when your own uploaded content is unlocked, rated favorably, or you rate other content. Just for referring others they receive a discount to join and if they follow through, you receive a specific number of tutor questions, per friend sign-up! You also have the ability to earn money if you choose to become a tutor. Course Hero even awards scholarships through applications and allows applicants to apply for multiple scholarships. If you are looking to further your education, or just get study help, try Course Hero’s specialized platform. You can use Promocodes to get further discounts as well.