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While the idea of being a programming genius with mad computer skills seems enticing, the actual process of acquiring all those skills can be hard. Codecademy makes learning code, designing websites, and all computer programming stuff easy and most importantly—fun. Whether you’re learning for fun or looking to gain skills to take your career to the next level, Codecademy will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Some Codecademy learners work at Facebook, IBM, Google, and Bloomberg so if you’re looking to build your career in similar areas, then Codecademy will put you on the right track. Thanks to free courses, you can go in at zero and learn your way to coding excellency at no cost at all. Some of the coding tracks available include HTML, Python, JavaScript, and SQL. If you have no idea where to start, all you need to do is let Codecademy know what you wish to achieve and they’ll point you in the right direction. For a small subscription fee, you can upgrade from a free account to Codecademy Pro which comes with exciting features designed to help you master the art of code. Special Pro features include lessons tailored to you and quizzes to help you test your knowledge and grasp important concepts. You can choose any of the 3 subscription plans which are 1-month 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. With a Codecademy discount code from, you can get a discount off your subscription plan and learn to code for less. Whether you want to master the languages of the web, learn fundamentals of some of the latest programming languages, or build your data analysis skills; Codecademy is the academy that will get you up to code. Get a Codecademy coupon from and join 45 million coders in the future of online learning.

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Codecademy Coupons and Deals

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Codecademy coupons and discount codes

Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski launched Codecademy in 2011 to build the kind of engaging education the world needs. Through the work of the Codecademy team and a number of investors including O’Reilly, SVAngel, Founder Collective, and Flybridge, Codecademy has created the best place for learning, teaching, and creating an online learning experience that perfectly aligns with modern times and innovations. With a Codecademy discount code, you can join in the future of online learning at a discount.

You can choose what to learn from website building to data analysis, and if you need help figuring out what you need to learn, there are plenty of helpful guides to put you on the right track according to what you want to learn and achieve. Whether you’re a beginner or you have some experience, you’ll learn to write real, working code within minutes and have fun doing it. To help you learn faster, Codecademy provides instant feedback on your code as soon as you submit it so you can see what you need to work on right away and whether you’re on the right track. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learnt to real-world projects and test your knowledge with tailor-made quizzes, and the experience will help you better retain the knowledge you’ve attained.

Beginners can enjoy free courses in several coding tracks which include Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and HTML/CSS. The courses and coding tutorials have easy-to-follow instructions, making it easy to gain the coding skills you need. Thanks to immediate feedback and a curriculum that’s been tried and tested, you can be assured that you’ll learn valuable skills that you can use in real-world situations, in no time. 85 coding quizzes are available at your disposal to help you grasp concepts quickly and easily through application so you can feel comfortable and confident. Most of the free courses around these coding tracks take less than 11 hours so you can learn many new skills in a short time. Whenever you have a query or you need help with your courses, you can reach out to the community of coaches, advisors, and graduates who will always be available to help you.

The Codecademy Pro option has some awesome premium features which include quizzes, portfolio-building projects, tailored lessons and tutorials, as well as live tutoring. Each feature is designed to make learning easier for you so you can enjoy gaining some new skills. For a small subscription fee, you can take charge of your coding education and enjoy the customized path created specifically for you and your coding needs. Codecademy Pro offers 3 membership subscription plans which are monthly, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions at varying prices. The monthly subscription costs $19.99 per month while the 6-month subscription costs $17.99 per month. The most popular and recommended plan is the 12-month subscription which costs $15.99 per month. With this Codecademy deal, you can enjoy a year’s worth of premium coding education while saving $48. You can upgrade from your free account to any of the paid subscription membership accounts simply by entering your payment details and completing your payment. Make sure to get a Codecademy coupon from to get a discount off your subscription.

You can cancel your Codecademy subscription any time through your Account Settings under the Manage Payments Tab. You’ll be asked to indicate a reason for canceling your subscription then your account will automatically deactivate itself at the end of your billing cycle. You will still have access to Codecademy Pro until this deactivation. Cancellation does not affect your progress or lessons, so if you decide to re-subscribe at a later time, you’ll be able to pick up right where your left off.

Learning online gives you flexibility so you can fit your education around your schedule. The Codecademy Go mobile app gives you even more flexibility so you can practice your coding skills on the subway, in a waiting room at the doctor’s office, or wherever you need to go. The app helps you learn, practice, and reinforce the coding concepts you learn through features like daily flashcards that you can quickly read through anytime, anywhere. You can also easily maintain streaks and track your progress from the app and enjoy everything you can learn on the desktop on your phone; from web development, data science, computer science, and many others.

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