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Coalatree sells sustainable outdoor gear that’s been crafted to move and grow with you, no matter where life takes you. Whether you’re the mountaineering type or an oasis-in-the-city person, rest assured that Coalatree is here with its collection of interesting, eco-minded items. And what’s more -- they give back to the community, too.

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COALATREE Coupons and Deals

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Eco-Minded Goods

Coalatree’s ecologically-friendly clothing line combines what they refer to as “fashion and function.” The brand combines smart adventure gear that goes the distance, and it isn’t just designed to last — it’s fashionable, too.

Packable items are available at Coalatree, which isn’t just taking advantage of a trend… it’s practical, too. The first thing we spotted on the site was the packable backpack, which you can scrunch up into a small bag when it’s not in use. There are also hammocks, technical shells, and puffers, all for competitive prices. You can even score a cozy packable blanket for way less, and it will still leave you plenty of room to pack your essentials.

Coalatree even gives back with a special seed initiative that helps feed those who are less fortunate worldwide. Their team is inspired to help farmers empower themselves and support their families with fresh food and produce. There is also a homeless initiative to help them stay warm and well-fed during every season.

The company also works hard to nurture quality relationships with its customers -- or as they put it, “awesome relationships.” Its team recognizes that, without loyal patrons, it wouldn’t survive, and it says so. That alone is a rare admission that deserves recognition.

When you’re shopping at Coalatree, you will see competitive prices for high-quality items. But what’s even better is the fact that Coalatree offers coupon codes to whittle the prices down. Check for sales on some of the most covetable items on the site, like packable pieces and traditional camping gear.