About ClickMeeting Coupons and Deals is a user-friendly website that allows easy communication between co-workers through the Internet. Online meetings are becoming more and more prevalent, and now, you can manage your online discussions through moderated or private chats, record your meetings, and even translate your chats! As long as there’s an Internet connection, nothing stands in your way with Of late, webinars have become the new way to communicate, teach, learn, and work with others. Thanks to companies like ClickMeeting, you can host or attend a webinar in the most effective way possible. ClickMeeting software caters to the different video conferencing needs of small, medium, or large businesses. Whether you want live webinars that happen at a specific time and allow you to interact with your audience in that moment, On-demand webinars for pre-recorded sessions, or Automated webinars that use pre-recorded material that’s scheduled for a certain time. Thanks to the customization options available, you can tailor your ClickMeeting subscription plans according to your business and the number of attendees you expect and enjoy the exclusive deals available. Before you purchase a plan, you have the liberty to try the software out for free for 30 days. You can use that time to learn the software and see what it can do for your business, and also to figure out how best it can serve you so you’ll know how to customize it. ClickMeeting is perfect for marketers, sales teams, online teachers, teams that work remotely, and HR specialists. If you’re any of the above, or you need a video conferencing tool for a personal project, you can get a good deal on this simple-to-use software with ClickMeeting coupons and discount codes from

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ClickMeeting Coupons and Deals

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ClickMeeting Coupons

GetResponse, a leading email marketing platform, founded ClickMeeting in 2011 as a way to provide a webinar solution for businesses of different sizes. Due to its growth, ClickMeeting eventually branched off as a separate company in 2016. From the time it was launched and even after its expansion, ClickMeeting has stayed committed to its goal to provide self-service webinar solutions that are flexible and affordable so you can reach, captivate, educate, and convert your audience. With ClickMeeting promo codes, you can get subscription plans at a reduced price and have access to one of the best web conferencing software solutions available.

A few things that make ClickMeeting stand apart from all the rest are the simplicity of the software, its reliability, the different package options available, and the options to customize your webinars. The ClickMeeting webinar software helps you stay connected with your students, customers, fellow work members, leads, and whatever other group of people you interact with online. All your online business meetings and collaborations are a lot easier with the plans available at ClickMeeting deals that are good for your pocket.

To cater for different businesses and individuals, ClickMeeting offers variety when it comes to the webinar plans. That means you can customize your plan according to the number of attendees that will be part of your conference. There are also different types, namely Live, Automated, and Enterprise. The Live plans allow you to do video conferencing and live webinars, and they come with various features like recording storage and screen sharing. Automated plans have a host of features too and allow live, automated, and on-demand webinars. The Enterprise plans are ideal for large companies and have full customization options which you can specify by contacting the customer service line. When you’ve chosen a plan from any of the above, make sure you use ClickMeeting coupon codes to get a discount.

Before you buy any of the plans, you have the option to try ClickMeeting out for free by signing up for a 30-day trial. There’s no credit card required and you’ll have access to all the features available so you can see how it works. Once you have a little insight on the software, you’ll be in a better position to choose a package that matches your business needs. If there aren’t any packages that match your needs, you can request a quote instead for a custom solution that’s tailored to you. With such great ClickMeeting deals and the amazing support from the Customer Success Team, it’s easy to see why millions of users trust this webinar platform.

In addition to flexible webinar solutions, ClickMeeting helps you work flexibly from wherever you are through the mobile app. With the webinar app, you can watch webinar content, attend an important online business meeting, and even host educational or marketing webinars, all on-the-go. The app is simple to use like the ClickMeeting software, plus it has high-quality audio and video quality so you don’t miss out on anything during whatever online event you’re tuned in to. Make sure you also check the ClickMeeting blog for some useful remote work tips and other tech-related guidelines to help you make the most of the webinar app and platform.

ClickMeeting Return Policy

Refunds are not issued, regardless of whether you cancel your account as soon as a new billing period starts or some days later. The 30-day free trial doesn’t require you to enter your credit card details so you’ll have a zero-risk way to try out the software before you buy it.

ClickMeeting Saving Tips

With annual plans you can get a ClickMeeting discount up to 20% on the subscription package you choose. Make sure you check for such deals under the Pricing page before you make your purchase.