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CLEAR has premium entry down-pat. This cutting-edge company has engineered easy, safe access into sports events, airports, and events across the nation, no ID necessary. Forget the bureaucracy of showing an ID and let’s get into the future instead… with a streamlined sign-up process, it’s a quick way to ensure you get into the events and locations of your choice.

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CLEAR Coupons and Deals

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CLEAR Gets You Ahead Of The Line

CLEAR is one membership that makes your life a lot easier — and it’s applicable in multiple scenarios, all the kind you end up wishing you had some kind of membership to zoom through. Long lines and security concerns are a thing of the past when you’ve been “cleared” by CLEAR.

CLEAR is compatible with the security systems you already know about, like TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. With CLEAR, you simply meet a representative at a select location (such as the airport, for example, in certain cities) and then breeze past all the craziness. When you meet a representative, they scan your passport and then bring you to PreCheck screening, where your belt and shoes stay on (thank goodness!) and you get on your way.

When you enroll, you do the hard work online and then go into the CLEAR office for a five-minute appointment with your driver’s license. It couldn’t be simpler.

Because PreCheck and CLEAR are compatible, you really get the best of both worlds. For an easier, more enjoyable experience at major locations like airports, event halls, and stadiums, consider this company for ease and security.

And did you know that CLEAR offers discounts too? You can score big savings on your annual membership with codes from, and the savings make the membership prices even more affordable. Whether you choose to be billed annually or you want to pay monthly, the price is right, and so are the benefits. Wait no longer -- it’s time to save yourself some time through CLEAR.