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CheapAir is the website for you if you’re looking for mega-discounted airline tickets. This travel retailer has been running since 1989 and has personal, US-based travel advisors who can help with planning your trip. Just mix-and-match fares and rest assured that CheapAir scans more sites than anyone else (100 times more, to be exact). Not to mention, if a fare drops after you purchase it, you will get the difference credited back.

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CheapAir Coupons and Deals

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Take To The Skies For Cheap

A travel deals company like CheapAir has a lot to offer and you can trust a company that has been in service as long as this one - since 1989. Not only has the company weathered massive industry changes, but it has also maintained an excellent reputation along the way. CheapAir, with its humble beginnings, is far more likely to support the average consumer who is trying to save money than the usual travel website.

CheapAir founder, Jeff, started the company in his dorm room at The University of Michigan while planning a backpacking expedition. Later on, the company was the first to offer a “Price Drop Payback,” giving credits when airlines dropped after purchase. And has how CheapAir get such compelling deals? They chalk it up to “cutting-edge technology, a boatload of airfare data, and superior customer service to make it easier and less stressful to buy affordable airline tickets.” The website also happens to be easier to navigate than your average travel deals site.

To this day, CheapAir has sold more than 3,000,000 fares and continues to declare that they believe “buying an airline ticket should be easy.” In their world, it is. After you’ve used their easy-to-navigate display to check out fares, you can examine inflight amenities and extra fees, comparing exactly the same item from company to company.

You can even use social media to connect with company to compare deals. Swing over to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook to talk to CheapAir about all potential deals you could be scoring -- and don’t forget the coupon codes.

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