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De-clutter your computer in just a few clicks with CCleaner—a leader in software products and solutions by Piriform to help you take care of your devices so they run like new, all the time. CCleaner has solutions for devices in your home and business and you can choose whichever cleaner suits you best. Among the home solutions, you’ll find CCleaner for Windows and Mac, Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy. Each has a different function that contributes towards improving the efficiency and speed of your devices such as file recovery by Recuva and a detailed analysis of your computer hardware by Speccy to help you identify potential problems before they become serious problems. You can get either one of those solutions or save money on a 4-in-1 bundle that includes all of them, thanks to CCleaner deals. With regards to your business, CCleaner has solutions to help you with endpoint management and you can choose the solution that works best for your business, based on the number of employees you have. CCleaner business solutions help you save time, take a chunk out of IT costs, improve productivity, and best of all, save you money thanks to CCleaner discounts when you purchase multiple licenses. For most of its products, CCleaner offers a free standard version with basic features and a professional version with advanced features and added benefits for a small, affordable fee. With a CCleaner coupon from, you can get your devices working like they're new again through affordably priced software solutions.

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CCleaner Coupons and Deals

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CCleaner Coupons

As the digital age continues to advance and the reliance on devices steadily increases, the need for a way to look after those devices grows paramount. In 2004, Guy Saner and Lindsey Whelan founded CCleaner to make looking after your devices simple and affordable. CCleaner develops software tools for your home and business that can be run on different devices including desktop PCs and mobiles; as well as on networks like the cloud. Their software tools are not just simple, they fix real everyday problems so you can rely on them to help you take care of your devices. CCleaner has been tried and tested by millions at home and in businesses worldwide with statistics like over 2.5 billion CCleaner downloads globally and more than 35,000,000 GB cleaned every month. With CCleaner coupons, you can save money on premium software tools that will save you time.

CCleaner home solutions consist of apps and software tools for different devices and cloud technology. Under the For Home drop down menu you’ll find apps available for PC, Mobile, Mac, and Cloud Technology. CCleaner for Windows has a standard version available for free download and a professional version which you can try out for free for 14 days. CCleaner Professional helps improve your machine’s speed by removing unnecessary files on your hard drive and improves stability by clearing out errors and broken settings. In addition to keeping your PC clean to improve performance, CCleaner boosts your browser and helps protect your privacy by securely erasing tracking cookies and history. CCleaner includes real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, and automatic updates so your devices stay on and efficient but not on your mind. You can buy CCleaner Professional by clicking buy now which will take you to the checkout page. You’ll be asked to provide your details and specify payment options. CCleaner Professional is available as a 1 year subscription for 1 home at an initial CCleaner discount price of $19.95 per year, billed annually. You can click the option for automatic subscription extension so your subscription can be renewed for continued cleaning of your PC.

CCleaner for Mac has the same properties, as well as a standard and pro version available for Apple 64-bit OS X 10.6 up to 10.14 Mojave. You can buy a 1 year license, valid for 1 device at a price of $24.95. For a small discounted fee of $9.95, you can add a backup CD for archiving and easy reinstalls which will be shipped for free. Other apps available for the home are Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy. The Defraggler improves your device’s efficiency and extends the lifespan of your hard drive so you won’t need to worry about hardware upgrades. You can download the standard version for free or buy a 1 year premium subscription for Defraggler Professional at a price of $14.95. You’ll also have the option to add a backup CD for $9.95 and CCleaner Pro for $14.95. Recuva helps you recover files quickly and easily from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera, or MP3 player—whether you accidentally deleted them or lost them after a computer crash. And if you need some files gone for good, Recuva can help you securely delete files so they’re out of sight and out of mind. In addition to file recovery and secure file deletion, Recuva has an advanced deep scan feature to find any traces of files you’ve deleted remaining on your hard drive, plus the software can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives. You can download Recuva for free or get Recuva Professional for $19.95.

If you need to know what’s inside your PC, you can get Speccy—an advanced system information tool. Speccy provides both a quick summary and a deeper, detailed reporting on every piece of hardware in your computer so you can make decisions on upgrades and purchasing, and spot problems before they occur. The free Speccy version offers advanced PC insights while the pro version also offers automatic updates and premium support in addition at a price of $19.95. You can choose CCleaner Professional Plus which is the bundle option that offers all the best of CCleaner at a low price. This CCleaner deal for a 4-in-1 bundle consisting of Speccy Professional, CCleaner Professional, Recuva Professional, and Defraggler Professional is the best value deal at the low price of $39.95. This way you’ll save money and get the best cleaning software for your device.

When it comes to your business; saving time, reducing IT costs, and increasing productivity is important and CCleaner business solutions can help you do exactly that. CCleaner for business helps with endpoint optimization via the solutions CCleaner Cloud, CCleaner Network, and CCleaner Business. To help you choose a solution for your business, CCleaner will ask you to specify the number of employees in your organisation. You can choose the suitable option from Small Company for 1 to 10 employees, Medium-sized business for 10 to 500 employees, and large organisation for 500+ employees. Free trials are available for CCleaner Network and CCleaner Business Edition. With CCleaner Network, you can get day to day maintenance of your computers, extend endpoints’ useful life, limit data loss, boost security, and cleaning solutions customized to specific business needs. The CCleaner Business Edition helps you optimize endpoints, improves productivity, prevents data theft, and reduces IT support costs. You can get CCleaner discounts for multiple licenses and save money while taking care of more devices. You can save as much as 25% on 101 to 500 licenses when you buy CCleaner Business at a cost of $18.71 per unit. Each licence covers 1 PC for 12 months. Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy are also available for businesses.

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