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Straighter, whiter teeth are what you get with Candid, a company providing affordable orthodontic services in a unique way. Most people rarely have room in their schedule to visit the doctor’s office, which often leads to putting off treatments or completely writing them off. Candid addresses that problem by providing remote monitoring services, giving you access to an orthodontist through every stage of your treatment, no matter where you check in from. To get started, you can order a starter kit online or get a free scan from any Candid studio. An orthodontist will exam your scan to determine if you’re a candidate. If you are, they’ll design a treatment plan, specially for you, and you can get started on your treatment. In the even that you’re not a suitable candidate for the treatment, you’ll get a refund for the starter kit and any other payments you’d made. There are plenty of ways to pay, including medical insurance if the remote treatment is covered and you have orthodontic benefits. You can even get a discount by redeeming a Candid promo code from our site when you make your payment. The remote treatment process offers convenience, ease, and comfort so you can get effective treatment in the best way possible. Candid is, well, remarkably candid about the services they offer and how they compare to other similar services. Thanks to the Candid deals on offer, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best treatment at an affordable price.

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Candid Coupons and Deals

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Candid Coupons

Candid was founded by a group of five friends in partnership with Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, a world-class orthodontist. The aim was to introduce products to the aligner industry that would make the experience better so they and other people could get straighter teeth without paying a fortune. Candid’s standard of care involves remote treatment with a premium level diagnostic process to ensure you get the best treatment. The company is dedicated to always doing what’s medically best for you, including offering the best Candid deals so you can get good treatment at an affordable price.

Getting straighter teeth has never been as simple as it is with the help of Candid. The first step towards straighter teeth is a free scan, which you can get at a nearby Candid Studio or through an at-home starter kit which you buy online. You’ll get a manual with full instructions on how to complete your starter kit and take accurate impressions. The scans are examined by doctors who’ll assess your case and design a treatment plan for you. A 3D preview is sent to you after that, then if everything is in order, you’ll get aligners delivered to you in a single box. Since the process eliminates so many steps that you’d normally have to go through, it’s less costly while giving you premium care. In comparison with other services, Candid offers better service at a lower price. With these Candid deals, you can get straighter teeth without any hassle or burning a hole through your pocket.

Candid’s remote monitoring setup offers convenience since you can get your teeth straightened without office visits while having an orthodontist in charge of your care. You’ll have the same orthodontist throughout the process, from designing and prescribing a treatment plan to checking up on things during the course of your treatment. You can check in from wherever you are, using scans taken through your phone so you won’t need to move your schedule around for appointments. Treatment accompanied by remote monitoring is faster too because you’ll get the go-ahead to switch to your next aligners the moment you’re ready. These are just a few benefits you get, along with Candid discounts on the best orthodontic services.

If you decide to get a starter kit to do the initial scan at home, you’ll have to buy it online for the low price of $95. You can get this kit for half the price by using the Candid coupon available on our site. After that you can get your clear aligners for a one-time payment of $2,400 or $99 per month for 24 months with a down payment of $399. You can also use an HSA/FSA debit card or check if your insurance provider has orthodontic benefits and if the remote treatments are covered.

For those who prefer getting a free scan to kick-start their treatment, the locations of Candid Studios are provided on the Studios page. You can scroll through the locations provided to find one that’s close to you and book your appointment from that page too. The phone number for each location is also provided in case you want to call and get some more information or make your appointment over the phone.

Candid Shipping Policy

The delivery time is indicated on the checkout page when you order your starter kit or aligners.

Candid Return Policy

If the orthodontist examines your scan and determines that you’re not a candidate, you’ll get a full refund on the starter kit. You can also request an exchange if you believe you received a defective product. Returns are not accepted on starter kits and aligner kits for hygiene reasons and you won’t get a refund unless you’re not a candidate.

Candid Saving Tips

Check for Candid discounts and deals on the website so you won’t miss out on the chance to save.