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Now that virtual meetings and events are part of everyday work life, you need a reliable service to ensure those go as smoothly as they used to with in-person events and meetings. BlueJeans provides this assurance through products, solutions, and services that are designed to make web conferencing and meeting up in virtual space easy and efficient. With BlueJeans rooms, events, meetings, and gateways for teams, you can collaborate with your workmates wherever you are and however you want. BlueJeans has a number of apps for different devices and operating systems, which you can use to plan, schedule, join, and participate in virtual events and conferences. These apps are available for download from the BlueJeans website and all you’ll need to get started, is a paid plan. There are various plans for meetings, rooms, and events, so you can choose the best one for you. The final price you pay for these will depend on the number of attendees you want to host or rooms you want to buy. There are monthly and annual options of these plans, but you can save more with the annual options, thanks to the BlueJeans discounts available on these. If you need to cater to a larger audience for your webinars or events, you can contact the sales team to discuss how the plan should be customized to your references and get a quote. also helps you save on some of the best tools for web conferencing and virtual events through the BlueJeans coupons and promo codes we provide for real savings on a really good virtual work life.

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BlueJeans Coupons and Deals

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BlueJeans Coupons

With online meetings having become our new normal, more and more web conferencing companies are working on improving their products to be the best above the rest. BlueJeans is one such company, with a mission to make online meetings run smoothly. Their main aim is to make joining online meetings fast, while maintaining an easy interface that anyone can use to meet wherever and however they want. As far as modern workplaces go, BlueJeans is quite good, combining video, audio, and web conferencing for virtual collaborations that are so good, you’ll almost forget you’re not meeting in real life. Above all, the company offers affordable solutions with BlueJeans deals so good, you might not want to go back to actual meetings ever again.

BlueJeans solutions include products like rooms and enables you to host and be part of virtual meetings and events. You can use these products and integrations like mobile apps to improve work culture, boost sales productivity, and seamlessly work remotely. Besides providing services and solutions that make working virtually easier, BlueJeans ensures your business and operations remain secure through Enterprise-Grade security. If you need help, you can reach out to the global customer care service and get the information you need. Thanks to the BlueJeans’ special offer for a free trial, you can try out the services free of charge to see if you like it before you pay.

There are different pricing plans for BlueJeans products, so you can choose the option that fits your budget and caters to all your needs. For meetings, BlueJeans has the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise packages. The plans vary by features and price with the Enterprise option being customizable to suit your business. With the Standard and Pro options, you get a BlueJeans discount of 20% on your plan. The features from this plan include hosting, unlimited meetings, video conferencing features, security features and lots more.

For events, you can get BlueJeans video webinars for a select maximum number of attendees. The cost of this package will depend on the number of attendees you select. If you want to do a large-scale video event, up to 50,000 view-only attendees, you can contact the sales team to customize your plan for you. Annual subscriptions come with a 16% BlueJeans discount, allowing you to save more. BlueJeans also has pricing plans if you want to order Gateways for Teams. There’s a per room plan, which costs $99 per room, per month, with savings worth 13%, and you can purchase up to 19 rooms. If you want more than 20 rooms, you can opt for the large-scale deployment plan instead and contact the sales team to get a quote for it.

The downloads page has all the BlueJeans software and tools you need for your devices. That includes the BlueJeans app for Android and iOS devices. You can also download the apps for Mac, Windows, Linux (RPM), and Linux (DEB). In addition to these, there are Calendar apps as well like the Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Add-in, Microsoft Windows Outlook Plug-in, Google Chrome Browser Extension, and BlueJeans Google Calendar Add-on. Conference Room apps include Red Hat/Fedora, and Java. With these apps, you can schedule, join, and participate in meetings, events, and rooms.

If you’re new to hosting or participating in virtual events, you can get great resources to help you find your way around it from the BlueJeans blog. The blog has articles with guides on hosting virtual events, understanding web conferencing, virtual meetings, and lots more.

BlueJeans Saving Tips

You can get BlueJeans discounts on your subscription plans for meetings and events by opting for annual plans over monthly ones. Signing up for the newsletter will also keep you up-to-date on the latest BlueJeans news, new products, and promotions.