Your Must-Have Guide to Throwing an Oscar Viewing Party that Wins Awards

Feb 28, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Roll out the red carpet and get dressed to the nines: the Oscars are set to air on Sunday, March 4. If you're hosting an Oscar viewing party, you'll want to check out our handy guide for throwing a gathering worthy of your own academy award. All without breaking the bank, natch.

Champagne on a tray

Encourage your Guests to Get Gussied Up

There are a few directions you could go with this one. Host a red carpet themed Oscar party, in which guests will arrive in their best academy award-worthy fashion. Or you could have your guests choose an iconic Hollywood character to emulate. Perhaps a mix of both just for fun! Either way, an Oscar party is a great excuse to dress up like Hollywood royalty. Be sure to have plenty of photo ops so that you can really capture the feel of the evening.

Charlize Theron red carpet

The Fashion Begins Early

Remember, half the fun of Oscar viewing is critiquing the fashion on the red carpet. Don't feel like you need to wait until the actual ceremony begins to start celebrating with your friends. Invite everyone over early for red carpet viewing, and have fun arguing over the best looks of the night.

good on a table

Oscar Fare

Keep your guests satisfied with an impressive spread of snacks that won't break the bank. Finger foods are always a crowd pleaser (who can resist pigs in a blanket?) and are a great budget-friendly option. Or, if you're hosting a large group, consider making it a potluck affair. Have your guests get creative, and suggest they bring a dish inspired by one of the nominated films. Then, draft up some ballots for fun awards like “Best Dessert,” “Best Adapted Casserole,” or “Best Dramatic Main Dish.” Instead of going for a pricey open bar, consider crafting your own celebratory, signature (and budget-friendly) drink to mark the evening.

theater seats

Oscar Decor

Think simple and classy. And black and gold, naturally, since those are the official colors of the ceremony. Pick up some sparkly gold and black balloons at your local party store, and you'll have the perfect festive backdrop. If you're feeling more ambitious, download photos from some of the nominated films and decorate your walls or homemade ballots with fun printouts.  Another idea is to hit up your nearby craft or dollar store, and stock up on any gold and black decorative items: think streamers, spray paint, glitter, star cutouts, anything with a little glitz and glamour. Some party stores even offer inexpensive oscar trophies, which make for a fun party favor that your guests will love.

Don't Forget to Vote!

Your guests are all bound to have their own predictions for the Oscar winners, so why not make an activity out of it? Download your ballots online and print off copies, and you're all set. Have some fun, inexpensive prizes for the winners, such as movie theatre candy or popcorn, or perhaps a bottle of bubbly.

And the Winner for Best Oscar Party Goes to....that's right, you! So be sure to have your acceptance speech ready. Have a great night!