Your Guide to Online Shopping

Jul 14, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Whether you shop online often or rarely, you’ve noticed that things are always evolving. Where was that comparison site you had been using? Who merged with what? And why is everything linked to an app now? Whether it's the newest shopping engine, a comparison shopping site, or a deal app, online retailers don't make bank based on staying the same they do it by growing. With that in mind, let's expand our options and save with this guide to online shopping.


Some people balk at the idea of purchasing clothing online. How will I know if it fits? What if I don't like it? Here's a thought: only shop at stores that offer free shipping and free returns, and that let you get your return in the form of your original payment. Even the retailers with notoriously complicated return processes like Forever21 have good policies now… everyone is growing up and getting more competitive, too.


To master the art of online shoe shopping, do as I say, not as I do! Buying shoes online means getting brands that you know fit, instead of taking a risk and getting one in sizes you're unsure about. When it comes to shoe labels you love, however, the world is your oyster. Get them in every color and don't look back!

Designer Handbags

The more superfluous the item (fancy purses, anyone?), the better deal you can get on it. I've found purses for a fraction of the retail price, and if you take good care of what you buy, you can recoup a lot of the money you spend on it when you resell it.

Kids Clothes & Accessories

Kids outgrow clothes faster than any of us can be prepared for. So why do we struggle? Try stocking up to save by shopping secondhand.You’ll save a bundle and be more earth-friendly: a lot of the used stuff is NWT, and for sales as good as 75% off, what's stopping you? Try ThredUp for starters, with a great coupon available for first-time buyers 


The good thing about toys is that, when you’re surprising kids, you get more leeway for each purchase. If your child has a brand-specific request, it makes it easier to shop based on price, and if you're just looking for something that's intriguing, you’ll also have options galore. And if you can shop in advance? Even better.

Fun Photos

Got a ton of photos languishing? There are so many ways to get your prints for less. While stalking CVS deals is one of the best ways to amass lots of printed snapshots, you can also scoop up some amazing deals at Get started!

Summer Savings

Sometimes it’s better to shop without a serious plan, browsing until you find the right match. With listing all the best deals for summer on one page, you can get inspired, remind yourself of what you need to purchase (but totally forgot about), or stock up on goodies. No matter how you slice it, you’re saving a bundle.

Happy Shopping!