Your Guide to Getting Free Magazines Online

Your Guide to Getting Free Magazines Online

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 09, 20143 min read

Few years ago, we feasted on complete online access to articles until companies realized how bad it was for their sales. So today when we click on an article, the screen freezes and the usual subscribe-today window pops out begging for money. Time to move on to Facebook.

There are ways to get free magazines into your fingertips without going to a cafe, hair salon, or local library. But before deciding to take an all-free approach into reading, take into account that most top tier brands (Elle, Atlantic Monthly, etc.) are nearly impossible to get without paying – there is a reason why they are still at the top. Not only do they write excellent articles, but they also watch out for their profits. With this in mind, be open about the freebies you can obtain and using discounts for those big names. Here’s a little insider information on how to get free magazines online.

Free Magazines Online

ValueMags is one of the prominent magazine subscribing sites that offers free online editions. They literally have a section called “Free Magazines” where users can find issues of various categories including bridal, cars, fitness, and yoga. Give them a try and you may learn something new! If you are unsatisfied with their selections, then consider getting any of their magazines for $0.99 or actually subscribing for large brands with discounts up to 90% off – it is a great investment to stay atop of your current interests.

Another digital hotspot for magazines is Zinio – it is both a site and a cost-free app that houses more than 5,000 brands including Time and US Weekly. They have free samples that contain publications in traveling, sports, accessories, and even foreign magazines. Once in a while, you may encounter renowned ones like Vogue as their online giveaway. Also, if you download the app, they will immediately supply your library with two to three freebies. Even if you are not into free mags, what sets Zinio apart is its variety and accessibility. For instance, for those avid readers of Harper’s, Zinio is the only online platform that offers digital editions for it. In addition, they sporadically treat subscribers with print versions into their mailboxes. Take from 50% to 90% off on your purchase.

An obscure method that only the “chosen ones” can take advantage is by taking surveys in e-Rewards. The perks of this site is that you get paid for taking surveys that can later be used for gift cards and magazines. The downside of this is that it operates on an invite-only basis. So, who gets to be “chosen”? Best Buy members and Hertz users. Sign up and check those promotional e-mails or contact the customer services to show interest in taking surveys. Make your opinion count as insightful feedback and money.

One of the most frustrating parts about online subscriptions is their service. Often times, people want to cancel or modify their orders, but instead of a human voice we get an automated female voice who tells us to wait in a mocking, cheerful tone – which triples our annoyance. is for those seeking the same discounts, but with the guarantee of an immediate customer service. You can take 50% to 88% off on your purchase and if you want a refund, they credit your card back right away. Note that depending on the brand, they may offer digital and/or print editions.

Instead of going to the magazine’s site directly, check these websites to shop for lower price and enjoy their free publications. Also, for those readers who love to get their eyes on free high-quality writing, there are ways to get e-books like a champion.