You Can Get Free Cell Phone Cases at T-Mobile

You Can Get Free Cell Phone Cases at T-Mobile

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 19, 20143 min read

A good cell phone case is an absolute necessity these days. Smartphones are too important to our daily lives to risk breaking or dealing with a cracked screen. Everyone should have a sturdy and stylish cell phone case.  

But sometimes the prices of these protective apparatuses are too high. I was recently on the prowl for a Father’s Day gift, and I proceeded to visit a kiosk where they were being sold. They said the cheapest case they had was $18. Since I wanted to be a good son, I paid the price begrudgingly and went on my way.

What if I were to tell you there’s a simple way to get a free case along with a brand new smartphone? You too can avoid this budgetary catastrophe when you shop at T-Mobile. They offer the hottest devices and free cell phone cases with select buys. Here’s how to avoid spending those eighteen bucks.

Free Cell Phone Cases

The LG G2 is available with a lax spending plan and zero paid up front. You only pay $16.60 per month for 24 months. It also comes with a free LG QuickWindow Folio Case ($50 value) and a free LG G2 invisibleSHIELD ($30 value). The LG QuickWindow Convenient Folio Case wakes your phone automatically when opened and protects it against everyday scratches, smudges and impacts. The LG G2 invisibleSHIELD reduces glare and prevents unsightly paw prints from stickin’ to your screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a veritable galaxy of features, including one of the most versatile cameras and its innovative Air View™ functionality. Like the LG G2, you get a comfortable spending plan. Each phone comes with a SmartFlex View case. A retractable stand pops in and out allowing portrait and landscape viewing. This makes it easier to watch videos or chat with someone face-to-face. Normally, these cost $40.

When you sign for an LG G Flex at T-Mobile, you receive a free Incipio Feather Shine Case. It is valued at $29.99. It has a high-density Plextonium™ shell which is built for withstanding maximum torture. Still, it is slim and light-weight and radio transparent.

You’d think the speedy network, amazing PureMotion HD display and award-winning low-light camera technology would be enough. But the Nokia Lumia 925 comes with a free Body Glove Fusion case with DuraStand technology. Think of a kickstand, and then think of dual layer protection: a hard exterior and a gel interior. You can buy this multifaceted case from Walmart for $27, or you can get one for free at T-Mobile.

There’s no definitive reason to spend big bucks for a cell phone case. The next time you’re on the market for a new phone, you might as well go to T-Mobile and kill two birds with one stone.