Wrapping Your Baby: The Benefits and Savings of Keeping Your Baby Close

Apr 30, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Once we become new parents, we quickly realize how expensive babies are. Coupled with the needs of newborns, finding ways to nurture your child and save money at the same time can be difficult to do. A safe stroller these days can cost upwards of $250, and although useful for certain occasions like shopping, these strollers do not allow for interaction with your baby. How do you transport your newborn if not for a stroller? Wraps, pouches, and slings are a fantastic alternative to traditional strollers and cost a fraction of the price at around $50. Not only do wraps and slings save you money, but the benefits to wearing your child are amazing!


When my first child was born prematurely, I tried to find ways to help in his development. I had done some research about wrapping your babies and took the plunge. At first, I was having difficulties with figuring out how to tie the darn thing, but I went back to the store and asked for a demonstration which they happily provided.  After that, it was smooth sailing, and I found so many benefits to “baby wearing.”

Less Crying More Bonding

Trucking your baby around in a wrap or sling helps a baby that cries often. The soothing sound of your heartbeat and the confinement of the wrap gives your baby a calming environment. Being close to you and you close to your baby creates a beautiful bond that both parents can enjoy. You can quickly and discretely breastfeed your baby when they are snuggled into a wrap or sling as well. No more worrying about finding an isolated spot to feed baby!

Household Chores Are A Snap

It can be challenging to look after your baby and find time to do those pesky household chores. When you wrap your child not only will they be content, but you will have two free hands to tackle everything from dusting, vacuuming, and dishes with ease. If you have more than one child, keeping baby close also allows you to take care of the other children without worrying about the little one too. It is the old two bird with one sling adage!

Learning and Development

There has been an abundance of studies done on benefits of baby wearing. When you have your little one so close, you are enhancing the visual and auditory alertness. Your little ones hear and see conversations, and that will help with speech development and personal cognitive development. Those are all fantastic benefits to using a sling or wrap to carry your baby. Every time those little love bugs hear your voice, they are learning the fundamentals needed to speak!

When you are looking for a sling or wrap, try on different styles to find out which one is most comfortable for you. Many stores that sell baby wearing products will happily give you a demonstration on how to use them. Saving yourself not only money but a little bit of sanity along the way are worth trying out wraps, pouches or slings. You will be pleased that you made the choice and your baby will benefit too!