Wow Your Significant Other With These Great Gifts!

Aug 17, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Shopping for someone we love can be a fun but stressful experience. There are so many choices and options when it comes down to making a selection, that it can be more of a challenge than helpful. Shopping for a significant other can be even more difficult, because it can be hard to decide between buying something practical and useful vs. Something they might enjoy. Why not do both?

 If your significant other likes to enjoy libations every now and then or a great glass of wine try this gag (but very useful) gift! Wine condoms protect your wine much like a wine stopper or cork but are a much more entertaining topic of conversation!  Alternatively you can purchase a wine subscription box. These boxes can send you samples curated for particular tastes or something new to try each month. With this, its always a surprise!  Lastly, if you like to DIY, try a wine or liquor infused dessert. Pinterest has some excellent recipes for a gift straight from the heart!

Ashford watches are an excellent choice as well. Their varying price points make their watches accessible for everyone. The company has sophisticated and brand options for less than original retial.  If you like to DIY, try creating a sports themed gift basket.  Fill it with favorite game time snacks, water bottle,  koozies, jerseys and anything else that is sure to make game time special. 

The more academic or intellectually inclined significant other may appreciate a macbook sleeve that looks just like a book. This case is a clever way for a book lover to protect their tech. There are also a wide variety off book and page holders. Purchasing one of these would be a nice surprise for someone who spends much of their time reading or studying.

What could every artist use? A box of their favorite supplies! Surprise your significant other with their most often used or highly coveted art supplies from Michael's! This is a great way to both a practical and wanted gift. Another great idea is as artist bag. Perhaps your significant other already has one, however, you can never have to many. Toting art supplies around daily can create wear and tear on a bag easily so its always nice to have one waiting in the wings.  An alternative gift for those who want to enjoy being artistic with their favorite pertain, can buy tickets to Paint nite! With this you can attend a couples event and paint one half of the same picture or turn it into a little competition and see who paints the same picture better!

Clothes can be a simple thing to purchase for your significant other depending on what you have in mind. For guys a sportscoat or sports blazer would be a nice touch.  Depending on the personality of your boyfriend or husband you can choose a style more suited to them. This gift is practical yet stylish! For your girlfriend,  you can’t go wrong with a giftcard to her favorite store.  It is better than a generic gift card, as it shows you pay attention to the places she enjoys shopping, but that you want to have her choose something she would love. (If you know what she would like,  then by all means,  buy it!)

Techies might appreciate a 3D printer such as The Buccaneer.  This innovative printer is nearly ready to go straight from the box. The Fujifilm camera, the Instax mini, is also a cool gift. Going back to the old Polaroids, this camera prints miniature sized photos to save as keepsakes! You can shop these great tech buys at Best Buy and save!

There are many gifts to choose from when looking to surprise a significant other.  As long as the gift is from the heart or is identifiable with your significant other, whatever is chosen should be more than enough!