Wife Appreciation Day: Gifts Guaranteed to Make Her Happy

Sep 18, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

From dishes, laundry, cleaning, working and being a great mom, wives have many duties and seem to do it all effortlessly! With all of the roles a wife can take on, it is great to have some recognition and appreciation! While everyday can be a great day to celebrate the woman that you love, wife appreciation day is a great day as well!

The Beauty Queen

Whether your wife has an organized make up bag full of goodies, or products splayed all over, this make up maven will surely appreciate a gift card or gift from Ulta! Ulta a beauty superstore that has both name brands and drugstore brands, has more than enough choices to satisfy even the pickiest of women. As an added bonus, you can find hair products, perfumes and other beauty products that any woman would love!

The Fancy Fashionista

Even when your wife rolls out of bed in sweatpants and a tee, she looks fierce and fashionable! Any fashionista would love shopping at xxx. Buy her some clothes that she would love or surprise her with some that you might love to see her in. Actually, why not treat her to both? If you're a bit unsure, a gift card and shopping with her could be just a special as a gift itself!

Happy with Home Decor

"Home is where the heart is" may be a slogan that your wife lives by! If she is always looking for new ways to decorate, shopping by themes or holidays and turning up with different pieces to accentuate your house, might be a great choice! With many different home pieces  (and countless other things!), you can find great deals at overstocked prices! For women who enjoy fixing things around the home or  even building and other projects, a Home Depot gift card is another awesome gift. This is a gift with unlimited potential to help your wife "build" the home of her dreams. 

Darling DIY

If youre interested in doing a DIY project, try making a cute picture frame, unique book, or sweet card. Look in Michael's for some materials to help you complete your crafts with a wide variety of materials. Perhaps your wife is the crafty one! Michaels has a huge variety of supplies to satisfy needs from scrapbooking to sewing and more.

In The Lap of Luxury

If your looking to really splurge, try a vacation or even a staycation. No one can resist a getaway! Even if it us just to the little boutique hotel across town, R&R is welcome treat that any wife deserves. There are plenty of places to shop for vacations and last minute flights. One great choice is Southwest Airlines! Southwest has great options and customer service as well as a number of options for vacation. If traveling is not an option, try turning the house into her personal paradise. Offer breakfast in bed, a warm bubble bath, and fancy dessert to start. Throw in a massage as well for the ultimate spa teaser!

Showing your wife appreciation desnt require grand gestures ( though they certainly wouldn't  hurt) but should be heartfelt and thoughtful. Whether you are saving money or budget free, you can show your wife that you care with a personalized or thoughtful touch to any gift!