Why You Should Only Use Sites that Offer 2 Factor Identification

Sep 12, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Technological advances make for exciting times. Especially in the world of online shopping and digital transactions. However, these advancements and the ease of use when it comes to dealing with finances online open us up to countless threats. Whether it is the security of our money per transaction online or the overall safety of our data, identity, and information, everything can be a threat when it comes to the World Wide Web.

Why does it matter if a site has 2-factor identification or TFI? Well, if a site has the seal of approval from Entrust Datacard, that means they are ensuring strong security for online and mobile transactions. These means more than you may know.

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Every time you make a digital transaction online, you could possibly be opening yourself up to many hackers and online threats. What 2-factor identification does is provide extra security that requires more than one element, let’s say a login AND a security question or personal token like “what is your mother’s maiden name?”. The second identification factor is something only you would know on hand. This helps prevent fraudulent activity or identify theft when it comes to your online and mobile transactions.

While it seems like a nuisance every time you need to log in and jump through these hoops it is worth the efforts. There are ways to make it seamless and easy and a lot of sites are adopting these processes more and more. With a range of authenticators to ensure it is, in fact, you that is making that transaction, Entrust Datacenter is securing sites to protect customers everywhere.

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It is highly important that you jump through these hoops as a user even seek out these sites that have trusted security and seal of approval from Entrust Datacard. It is fast, quick and simple for companies to utilize this technology and saves them in the long run while protecting its customers. So why not protect yourself by using sites that actually look out for you. Your online security and protection should matter to companies you shop at, apps you use and sites you visit. 2 Factor Identification is a small but mighty element you should keep a look out for when frequenting digital transaction-based sites. Then you will know if your private financial information is protected.

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