Why You Should Date A Guy Who Loves To Save

Jan 24, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

If you find a guy who loves to save, knows how to manage his finances, and doesn’t buy every new thing just because, then he’s a keeper!! While there is a big difference between being frugal and being cheap, if your guy knows the difference, it can be awesome! Here are some great reasons to date a guy who loves to save

He will appreciate your love of Amazon and Groupon

If he loves to save, then he will appreciate all of the deals that you find on Groupon for date night activities! Not only that, he might find them himself! He will also appreciate how you round up awesome savings on Amazon and get everything you need all at once!

He won’t be upset if you shop at Walmart and other bargain stores

A guy who is big on saving will appreciate bargain stores and shop in other places with great sales, like Walmart or Big Lots! He won’t turn his nose up or question why you’re bargain shopping or not buying brand names.

He will know about all the great online coupon places

He will be a fan of finding great deals online and online shopping. He knows this way you might be less likely to buy things you don’t need. He will also, of course, know that offers some really amazing savings deals!

Holidays don’t have to be expensive, break the bank, and deplete your funds

You guys can agree on a budget for gifts and you won’t have to feel guilty if you don’t spend a ton of money on one gift. He might even suggest skipping some monetary gifts in lieu of doing something nice for each other.

He has good self-control

This is extremely important in a relationship! If he can curb spending habits, stick to a budget, or cut costs where it counts, then he can probably exercise self-control in other areas too. If you’re working on financial self-control, try Mint for an all-around money management tool.

You can save for a bigger item more easily, and probably find it on sale

With all of the money you’re saving (separately or together); you can probably go on an amazing vacation or two! Another perk is that you can afford new furniture or big tickets items more readily, especially if you’re both saving together.

Date night will probably be more creative

This guy will have to keep a mix of dates up his sleeve. Because some of these dates will be free dates, they will have to be creative to be fun! Even the cheaper dates will most likely be something non-traditional and you’ll probably both experience many new things together. With what you save, you could even go on more dates, and take advantage of coupons that work for a variety of things to do such as, a Citypass,!

Dating a savings-centric guy doesn’t have to be a bore, especially if you’re a spender! If you look at the positive side: he will teach you to save, you’ll have even more to spend on yourself, you will widen your experiences and you will appreciate someone looking out for your pockets just as much as they care about their own!