Why You Don't Need To Be Rich To Be Fit: And Other Fitness Money Saving Tips

Why You Don't Need To Be Rich To Be Fit: And Other Fitness Money Saving Tips

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerAug 20, 20183 min read

When it comes to working out, you’ve heard lots of “reasons” why the people you know can’t show up to the gym – and maybe you’ve said some of them yourself. If you’ve ever tried to get a gym buddy (and get motivated), you've probably heard it: not enough money, not enough time, and perhaps not enough resources (like a gym nearby).

And then there’s all the extra gear. Workout clothes can be insanely expensive, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear the stuff to really benefit… but there IS an undeniable motivation factor when you look really good while working out. We recommend starting with GymShark and buying yourself one really nice workout outfit to get yourself motivated about your new workout routine. (Exclusive promo code alert: PARTUSPROMO10 works for 10% off $85!)

We repeat: you do not need to be rich to get fit. What you do need is to be motivated, be ready to try workarounds, substitutions, and tricks, and be smart about memberships (as in whether or not you will use them, where, and how much).

You don’t even need to make a decision between a gym membership and working out at home, you can sometimes do both! Between gym memberships that cost less than a week’s worth of Starbucks and amazing on-demand classes, you will be set (and on your way to a killer body!). Here’s what we recommend:

1. YouFit or 24 Hour

If you’re in a city, then you don’t need to worry about managing the cost of a gym membership and the cost of at-home fitness. YouFit and 24 Hour Fitness both have amazing deals that equate to a seriously low payment each month. There are upgrade options which make the gym even a little bit tempting, like childcare and unlimited classes.

2. ClassPass

ClassPass was just given an upgrade, and that means it’s even more useful for the active individual. You can go to classes all over your city for much less than what you’d pay a la carte, and you can also score live classes on ClassPass Go as the newest addition to the service. Prices start at $40 for a certain number of credits, and you can try out all sorts of activities like yoga, weight lifting, spinning, boxing, and more. We even spotted meditation classes!

3. YouTube

Is YouTube the Holy Grail of free workouts? We’d like to think so. The site is chock-full of incredible options for toning, shaping, and stretching, and many of the videos are demonstrated by licensed or certified practitioners. Some of our favorites include Blogilates, Pam, and the BodyCoach, but we suspect you could scoop up recommendations from friends all day long.

4. Home equipment

Working out at home doesn’t instantly mean a huge investment in expensive equipment. You can do an HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout with just a mat, and all you need are some weights for a dumbbell-centric workout. As for equipment, consider your workout goals before you invest. Are you looking for cardio, and your knees aren’t bad? An investment in a treadmill or an elliptical machine could pay off. When you buy, consider purchasing from a company with a fair return policy, like Costco.

5. Outdoor workouts

Check your city’s event listings to see what is offered at low or no cost. There’s often free yoga in the park, in city courtyards, or on hotel rooftops, and what’s more, you’ll meet new people. Parks often have workout equipment installed on running trails, so you can use it while you warm up, and there’s always running to tone up, too.

To conclude, saving on fitness is probably less of a worry than just getting motivated if you do happen to start working out on your own. With on-demand options for those who need some motivation and plenty of free workouts for everyone, you can certainly save.