Why We Love Dressbarn

Why We Love Dressbarn

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 17, 20183 min read

Dressbarn: we adore it, and not just this time of the year. A mainstay for many women and a great way to source attractive pieces for work or play, we’re listing the reasons we love it here and now.

Its extended sizing. If you’re petite, dressbarn is for you. If you wear an average size, it’s also for you. And if you need extended sizing, dressbarn can also help you out. In other words, it’s for everyone, and it’s wonderful. You can score sizes 2 through 24 there, because specialty sizing is top-notch. If you are tall and plus-sized, dressbarn is a perfect destination. The tallest among us can rejoice, as well as those of us who simply love our highest of high heels.

Returns are easy. Did things not work out for you? Thank goodness the return policy is quite generous and covers an impressive 60 days. As long as the item is unworn, you can send it back and get a full refund. PayPal purchases, however, are processed in the form of a store credit instead.

The lookbook gets your ensembles sorted far more easily. Dressbarn is a great destination for women-on-the-go, because the looks are pre-styled. With a “where” in mind, you can’t go wrong.

They have a long history of satisfying customers. Since 1962, dressbarn has been outfitting women in cost-conscious, stylish clothes… and the story is one of true success. The first store, which opened in Stamford, Connecticut, sold beautiful pieces that the owner, Roslyn Jaffe, would purchase by negotiating with warehouses and filling up her station wagon to cart the goods back.

Teachers get a great deal. With the “Dressbarn Academy,” teachers receive seasonal style guides and get to host events as well. With each regular-priced purchase, teaches score 15% off every time they shop.

Now it’s time for a clarification of sorts – and our top tip about dressbarn! There are actually two sites that you can shop at that are under the dressbarn umbrella – the other is ROZ & ALI, the rebranded version of dressbarn that is versatile, cost-conscious, and stylish, too. In 2017, the brand began exploring a “new brand and concept” that rebranded stores with the new name and look. So far, it’s a success, and here’s why:

● Designs run the gamut between casual, business casual, buttoned-up, and dressy, just like dressbarn, but the lookbooks are cleaner and more attractive.
● The styles are presented in a slightly more modern manner. ● The website is much easier to peruse than the original, making it better than ever to shop.

Whether you shop at the traditional dressbarn or browse ROZ & ALI styles, you won’t be disappointed. With price points that work and revamped designs, it’s time to check them out again!