Why We Are Excited About MoviePass

Feb 27, 2018Reading Time: 2 min

Movie ticket prices keep climbing, making a date night of dinner and a movie pretty costly. A lot of people choose just to abandon theaters altogether, spending their money elsewhere and watching movies on platforms like Netflix. For others, though, the idea of not physically going to the theaters is a sad one.


There’s something special about the big posters under the lights, the special (and better) movie theater popcorn, and the big screen and surround sound. Luckily, with the MoviePass app and subscription, you can still get some awesome movie ticket deals and not have to give up the iconic movie-going experience.

The MoviePass app is perfect for people who love the movies and go all the time or people who would go all the time if it weren’t so expensive. Whichever of these two categories you fall into, the great theater ticket deals you’ll get from this app will make it easy to go to the movies all the time.

movie theater

Here’s how it works: for a fee of $9.95 a month, you can go see one movie in theaters a day, every day. (Plus, If you sign up now, there’s a special low fee of only $7.95 a month. That’s almost half the cost of a regular AMC ticket!) Download their free app to get started, and you’ll be able to see movies at a steal whenever you want.

If you want to see a movie in a Los Angeles AMC theater, for example, your ticket could cost up to $14. Already if you plan on seeing more than two movies a year, the cost of the MoviePass subscription is worth it. And at such a low price, this awesome app gives you lots of opportunities.