Why People Love Using Grammarly

Why People Love Using Grammarly

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerOct 25, 20172 min read

Grammarly is an online tool that helps check grammar, punctuation, spelling and more so you can enhance any of your writing whether it is for business or personal. By eliminating grammatical errors and being that second pair of eyes everyone needs, Grammarly ups your content game. Here are 6 reasons why people and companies love using Grammarly. 

1. It's smart

You get context with Grammarly. Unlike many of the other spelling and grammar checkers out there, Grammarly is highly intuitive. It doesn't allow those silly mistakes to slip through that make you sound questionable and erode your professionalism. It automatically detects those mistakes and helps you correct them. 

2. It has a great format and appearance

Grammarly’s format is much nicer and more attractive than your traditional spell check, and that alone counts for something. Skip the silly, squiggly red lines indicating mistakes and instead see clearly where your error is, why it's in error, and how to correct it.

3. It checks everything

The easy-to-use grammar box can be activated almost anywhere online, which means forms can be corrected and checked prior to submitting. When using the chrome extension Grammarly can navigate and check the entire page for error leaving no stone unturned. 

4. It's inexpensive

If you head to their site, you can sign up for a free trial before you get a premium membership (details below). Try it out, learn the ups and downs and test it for yourself. 

5. It's not just grammar and spelling

This is where Grammarly really knocks it out of the park, it functions as way more than a simple grammar checker. This is not “standard issue,” as there is also a plagiarism scanner to help you monitor bigger issues. Oh, and those writing mistakes? Grammarly corrects more than 400 types of writing mistakes all in one go.

6. It's fun

You can enjoy writing when you feel like you're covered grammatically. Write to your heart's content and know that your writing will be correct from your crossed "t's" and dotted "i's". 

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